How To Stop Dog Tags From Jingling

It’s the middle of the night, and all is quiet throughout the house. Until … jingle jingle jangle jangle! Your pet got up, and now you’re awake because of that darn noisy tag.

It’s happened to me countless of times. Whether Brick gets out of bed to walk around, stretch or scratch, or even just to resituate, I hear it. I’m a light sleeper, and a lot of things wake me up, but my dog getting up for some water shouldn’t.

The thing is, it may not just annoy us humans. Some animals have sensitive hearing, and dogs especially have an acute sense of sound, so those jingles can be hard for them to listen to as well.

For some silly reason, it never even occurred to me that this was something that was easily solvable. I just thought it was a nuisance, and would be bothered when I’d be awoken by it. Here are a few ways to stop your dog’s tag from jingling!

What is this thing you speak of? Yes, that’s right. It’s a tag silencer! I got one for Brick right away to see how it worked, and after having it for about a week now, I am one happy customer.

The dogIDs tag silencer is small and simple. Just slip the flexible plastic around the tag itself and reattach it to your dog’s collar. Jingle be gone! The silencers come in a few sizes and shapes to fit the specific tag your pet has, and are even glow-in-the-dark!

They’re also really affordable at just $1.50. But the real price of having undisturbed slumber is priceless.

Or, the jingling can be eliminated completely with The Quiet Spot’s Pet Tag Silencer that holds all the tags in one pouch. Less chic than the Pet Tag Silencer but effective and inexpensive is using some electrical tape to secure the tags into a single silent mass.

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To silence your dogs tags, put rubber silencers around the outside of the tags if theyre made of metal. You can also try putting some felt on the back of the tags to create a buffer. Alternatively, buy a small pouch made specially for holding the tags from your local pet stores. If you’re willing to buy new tags, try silicone or plastic ones, which arent as noisy as metal. For a more versatile option, purchase velcro tags that adhere directly to the collar. Another choice is to embroider your information directly onto the collar. To learn how to rivet the tags onto your dog’s collar, keep reading!

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    Some of us like to hear our dog’s tags jingle as they run as it lets us know where they are and can be heard starting to come when called. Other owners dislike the constant jingle when their dogs run, jump onto the couch or scratch, especially when living in a household with multiple dogs. If you are in the later group of dog owners on this one, here are some extremely simple ways to eliminate the noise from your dog’s tags while still meeting local dog park requirements and keeping your dog safe.

    Hopefully we have provided a few options (besides super glue or a simple rubber band) and we can finally stop the madness!

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  • Question Is it a good idea to use a clip if my dog has more than one tag? Community Answer Sure! Very creative. Just check with your vet, as this might affect the dogs breathing.
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    How do I get my dog to stop scratching his tags?

    The Quick-Tag Pet ID Tag Silencer reduces the noise created from ID tags clanking against other tags, charms, and other metal components on your pet’s collar. The silencer also offers some protection against scratching from other tags and glows in the dark.

    Do dog tags make noise?

    Metal polish can be used on stainless steel and aluminum tags, but should not be overly used on bronze and brass. You should also apply these protective coatings with the use of a soft cotton rag, to prevent the possibility of scratches occurring.

    Do dog tags hurt dogs ears?

    Jangling is caused by two or more tags hitting each other. In addition to the noise, that constant clanking wears down the tags until they become hard to read. Our first solution is to mount your pet’s ID tag flat to your pet’s collar.