How To Stop Smegma In Dogs

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One of the best ways to prevent smegma is to neuter your dog, as this will decrease the amount of discharge produced. You could also try looking for a supplement containing green tea, which has antibacterial properties that can stave off infection.

Is it normal for a male dog to have discharge?

Dog smegma itself is not a problem, however, if there is urine, pus, or blood with a foul-smell in discharge, there is an infection. Under normal conditions, there will only be a yellow-whitey discharge coming out of the prepuce. At some point, it will collect around the opening, but it is not a sign of disease.

If blood and pus are seen, the possible causes are:

    • An overgrowth or infection affecting the foreskin such as trauma, neoplasia, inflammation of the penis (balanoposthitis).
    • A problem in the urethra, such as trauma, neoplasia, or stones.
    • A problem with the urinary bladder, including stones, infection, neoplasia, and inflammation.
    • Prostate disorders such as neoplasia, cyst or abscess, hyperplasia, inflammation of the prostate, or bacterial infection.
    • Bleeding can also occur due to the ingestion of rat poison
    • A problem with the penis muscles as a result of a decreased ability to hold urine, an improperly functioning sphincter, or an abnormally positioned ureter.
  • Dog smegma, along with any of the conditions suggested above, ranging from mild to severe disorder, is a life-threatening problem.

    Dog smegma is a kind of odd feeling for pet lovers and dog owners, especially when they spot that on their dog penis, but it is quite essential to know what it is and what kind of feeling or irritation your dog will have with that.

    Let’s explore more on Dog smegma cleaning, treatment and prevention methods.

    Dog Smegma is a substance made up of oil and dead skin cells and is yellow or green pus that can sometimes be found coming out of a dog’s penis.

    How To Stop Smegma In Dogs

    Although this discharge is natural and rarely a cause for concern, you may want to check with your vet if your pet is constantly licking on his genital area.

    First, to determine when something went wrong, it is important to know what is normal when it comes to your dog’s penis.

    However, if your dog is regularly licking his genital area, in particular, if he isn’t neutered, it is advisable to take your dog to the nearest vet to get examined by him.

    On the external side of your dog’s penis, you will find a think outer layer which is also called sheath – the skin and other tissues that surround the penis when not erect.

    A point we have to make is that a healthy penis is either pink or reddish.

    It is caused by the covering mucous membrane. Sometimes, at the beginning of the prepuce at the end of your dog’s penis, a small amount of yellow or greenish-colored discharge may collect.

    It is smegma and is very common in healthy dogs.

    How to prevent smegma in dogs

    Smegma is typical to dogs, but there’s a way to reduce its production. This will save you from the task of cleaning it all the time.

    Neutering your dog will help a lot in reducing this discharge. Nevertheless, erection can still occur on neutered dogs so there will still be smegma production at some point. please read here When Is It Too Late To Neuter A Dog? What You Need to Know

    While you can’t get rid of smegma forever, there’s a way to manage it. You can ask the vet for a solution that will prevent infections and odor buildup on your dog’s genital area. Aside from that, proper and regular grooming will help manage this discharge.


    Why is my dog producing so much smegma?

    What causes Smegma? Urethra problems – Tumors, trauma or stones. Bleeding disorders – Thrombocytopenia (a decreased platelet count) Allergies – some dogs produce smegma when they have issues with contact allergens, affecting the skin.

    How much smegma is normal for dogs?

    A small amount of yellow-white or slightly green-tinged discharge from the end of your dog’s prepuce is usually the normal smegma, which is made of dead cells and other material that collects within the enclosed space of a dog’s prepuce.

    How do you clean a male dog’s private area?

    The Male Method
    1. Penis. Be sure you are aware of what your dog’s penis looks like normally. …
    2. Bath. While your pup is in the bath, soap up his tummy and clean his privates with dog shampoo the same way you clean the rest of his body. …
    3. Bottom. Be sure you are wiping his bottom as well. …
    4. Rinse. …
    5. Simple wipe. …
    6. Trim.