Hulk The Pitbull Son

Operating a business that not only produces alpha dogs but trains them to be work dogs makes Dark Dynasty K9s a really unique kennel. This is the reason why most of their puppies are super expensive even at a very young age when one can’t expect the puppy to be well-trained for security. As a matter of fact, Marlon recalls a time when he had the opportunity to sell the Hulk for half a million but he denied.

In addition to apparel, DDK9 also sells training gear. Selling training gear is quite relevant to their protection training program for dogs. They sell all sorts of training gear like bite protection suits, harnesses, and leashes. Aside from selling pups and sponsorships, the apparel and the training gear are the biggest businesses that DDK9 operates. Recently, they have also started selling CBD.

Marlon Grennan owns Dark Dynasty K9s. Marlon and his kennel rose to fame thanks to the world-famous Pitbull we now know as the Hulk. And it was only a matter of time since the kennel caught the eye of fans from around the world. Today, Dark Dynasty K9s is known for its gigantic puppies that receive proper training to carry out protection jobs.

The allure and anticipation regarding DDK9s will only grow as the King Kong becomes a full-sized alpha ready to step in the shoes of his father.

Crossbreeding can introduce several complications in the long run. But as things stand now, Kong is a healthy pup that has a mild temperament inside the house. As a matter of fact, he loves playing with kids and is generally a pretty safe house dog.

Eight beautiful pitbull puppies were recently fathered by the world’s biggest pitbull, Hulk. Owned by Marlon and Lisa Grennan, founders of Dark Dynasty K9s in New Hampshire, USA, this huge dog is being trained for protection services. Hulk pitbull puppies, if also trained to be elite protection dogs, could fetch up to $55,000 per pup.

“Their papa isn’t a legend for no reason but the potential to have another record-breaking world-famous dog amongst his cute puppies is there,” Mr. Grennan told Daily Mail. “Most of them are already sold. That’s just how well Hulk’s pitbull bloodline is thought of.

“Dark Dynasty K9’s is a breeder specializing in protection dogs. Marlon trains each dog personally from birth, and the large dogs live together in a pack “without fences, barriers or physical restrictions.” The dogs are so well trained that they are even permitted to interact with Grennan’s three-year-old son, Jordan. And while a cute pitbull is not the most usual description of this breed, just look how sweet Hulk is with his adorable puppies.

Earlier in the year, 12-stone Hulk fathered eight puppies, and if they all finish Marlon’s training course to become elite protection dogs, they could collectively command a whopping £320,000.

Meet Kobe, Hulk’s son – who looks like he may soon rival his dear old dad in size.

Marlon, 28, is currently training the next big star of Dark Dynasty K9s with eight-month-old puppy Kobe.

Marlon added: “To me Kobe is absolutely priceless, I have no intentions of selling him, I absolutely want to make him the superstar that I know he can be.

He said: “My reputation is built on how I breed and train my dogs. I’m looking for the next Hulk – the star of the future. And this dog is the star of the future.


How many puppies did Hulk The Pitbull have?

The world-famous Pitbull, the Hulk, will leave a strong legacy behind. Hulk is the biggest Pitbull on the planet, but that may soon change as his son, DDK9’s King Kong, is set to be even bigger.

Who is Hulk the pitbulls dad?

Hulk is 12-stone of cuddly pitbull love and now is the proud father eight tiny pups… but we can’t imagine they’ll stay that way for long. As a result of Hulk’s world record breaking size, his little babies have already been earmarked to be come elite protection dogs.

What is the pitbull Hulk mixed with?

Hulk is the family dog of Marlon and Lisa Grennan. They raised the pit bull after was he born in September 2013. The couple runs a dog-training company called Dark Dynasty K9s. The Grennans say he has a great relationship with their 3-year-old son, Jordan, calling him the “ultimate babysitter.”