I Accidentally Sprayed Perfume On My Dog

Perfume and dogs is a combo that has been growing in popularity because it can not only get rid of that stinky dog smell, but can also help to elevate and enhance your pets overall odor. But can you put perfume on a dog safely? This article will explain why the right dog perfume is safe when used properly. Well touch on things to look for when choosing a safe dog cologne, how to use it and why GotDog is the safe and smart canine cologne choice for your pooch.

Heavily scented shampoos or sprays applied directly to a pet can cause skin reactions, nausea and lethargy, or even airway irritation.

I Sprayed Perfume On My Dog

Remember that everything is ok in moderation, but the best practice is to not use human products on your dog. There are so many options for dog-friendly perfumes/colognes that there is no need to use human products that could potentially hurt your pet. Please be inspired to look at different recipes to make your own safe perfumes and sprays at home.

I Accidentally Sprayed Perfume On My Dog

What Is The Safest Place To Put Perfume On A Dog?

If you find that you need to put perfume on your dog, we highly suggest you do not:

  • You need to choose a location on your dog that they can not lick off.
  • Use the perfume in moderation to prevent drying out your pet’s natural oils.
  • Wash the fragrance off as soon as possible to avoid irritation.
  • Again, it is highly suggested that you do not put human perfumes/colognes on your dog.

    Are Perfume and Cologne Safe For Dogs?

    If you must wear perfume or cologne around your dog, it is best to do so sparingly. You should also avoid putting any directly on their skin or fur.

    Small amounts of perfume and cologne are safe for dogs, but you should avoid doing anything excessive and pay close attention to their health if they have been exposed to large amounts.

    I Accidentally Sprayed Perfume On My Dog


    Is perfume toxic to dogs?

    No, fragrance oils are not safe for dogs … and they’re not safe for people either. These chemicals can cause all sorts of health issues.

    Can I spray a little perfume on my dog?

    As such, you’re probably wondering, “Is it ok to spray perfume on a dog?” Absolutely!

    How do I get rid of perfume on my dog?

    The most successful known remedy is a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and dish soap. Put on some gloves and start the outdoor bath. Note that it is important to not leave this mixture on your dog’s fur for too long, as it can actually bleach the fur and irritate the skin.