Iams Senior Dog Food Discontinued

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Senior dogs are very special. They’ve likely been a loyal friend for a long time, and you have a sentimental attachment to them. The urge to treat them right and keep them with you as long as possible can be very overwhelming.

One way to take proper care of your elderly furry friend is by giving them the right diet. You see, senior dogs go through a lot of changes. Some may be noticeable, like weight gain and hip dysplasia. Others, like a weakened immune system, might not. You have to account for these changes through your dog’s diet.

As a result, when choosing food for your senior dog, there are many important things to consider. One of these is the quality of the protein. Some senior dogs may have a bit of a problem absorbing nutrients as well as they did when they were younger.

IAMS is a brand that takes issues like these and more into account when creating its Senior Dog Foods. This is why they are one of the top trusted brands. Here’s a review of their top senior dog foods in the market. We’ve also ranked them to help you choose the best option for your faithful friend.

The discontinuation is part of a broader business decision by Mars Petcare, who also owns Royal Canin pet foods. As you can guess, owning two similar brands of pet food might make for a good merger. Several of the IAMS veterinary diets will be rolled into the Royal Canin pet food line. We do not have details at this time.

Whenever you switch pet foods, your pet may experience stomach upset. To prevent this, we recommend a slow transition from one diet to the next over the course of one week. When you start the transition, offer 90{cc651acb8fd21d18461bab90e3951e117ad976e0f5f2bec6fa2ec763fee94208} of the current diet and 10{cc651acb8fd21d18461bab90e3951e117ad976e0f5f2bec6fa2ec763fee94208} of the new food. Each day adjust that ratio so you end up after seven days or so feeding 90{cc651acb8fd21d18461bab90e3951e117ad976e0f5f2bec6fa2ec763fee94208} of the new and 10{cc651acb8fd21d18461bab90e3951e117ad976e0f5f2bec6fa2ec763fee94208} of the old.

Mars Petcare, who owns IAMS brand pet food, is discontinuing their line of veterinary prescription pet foods. This is only for prescription diets. The over-the-counter pet foods made by IAMS are still in production. The discontinuation applies to both dog and cat food.

The Different Types of Iams Senior Dog Foods: Pros and Cons Compared

IAMS Senior Dog Foods can come in either wet or dry format. Here are the pros and cons of them compared.

IAMS wet dog food is made with sufficient water and is cooked in real broth.

Pros Cons
Great for hydration Has to be refrigerated after opening
Delicious with an irresistible taste A little more expensive than the dry option
High protein content Bad for oral health because, unlike kibble, it doesn’t clean tartar and plaque from teeth

IAMS dry dog food is made with almost zero moisture content.

Pros Cons
Easier to preserve after opening Does not help with hydration.
Less expensive High starch content
Great for your dog’s oral health

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  • FAQ

    Did IAMS discontinue senior dog food?

    No, IAMS has not discontinued their senior dog food line.

    Was there a recall on Iams dog food?

    In December 2011, a small production of Iams dry dog food was recalled because aflatoxin levels were above the acceptable limit. August 2010, July 2010 and June 2010 saw a few different kinds of Iams cat food get recalled because of salmonella and low levels of thiamine.

    Did IAMS go out of business?

    Iams/Eukanuba diets will no longer exist after December 31, 2016. The companies were acquired by Spectrum Brands Holdings.

    What dog food do vets recommend for senior dogs?

    Best Dog Food for Senior Dogs
    • Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition MEDIUM Aging 10+ Dry.
    • Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition LARGE Adult 8+ Dry for Dogs.
    • Hill’s® Science Diet® Dog Mature Adult Canned.