Is a dog collar necessary? Tips and Tricks

Why Does My Dog Need a Collar?

  • It is often a legal requirement: In most areas, if your dog gets lost and does not have their collar and tags on them you could end up with a good sized fine from your local animal control authority. This may not be true in rural areas, but for most pretty populated places this is a common law.
  • In case of emergency: Sometimes tragedy strikes and our pets end up fleeing. Sadly, tornadoes and storms strike, fires ignite and people get evacuated at a moment’s notice. Even if your pet is familiar with being outdoors, they are likely to flee farther than ever in a panic. Having an ID makes it so much easier to reunite them with you. This is when you will be extremely happy to know that they have their ID securely placed around their neck.
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    Whether it’s time to buy a collar or harness for your puppy or dog for the very first time or replace one that’s wearing out, it’s important to understand that there are a variety of collars and harnesses that work for different dogs in different circumstances.

    Here are some of the pros and cons of dog collars vs. dog harnesses for you to consider.

    Proper collar maintenance

    Once a month, or once a week for puppies and kittens, check your pet’s collar to ensure it still has the proper fit. Check your pet’s collar for signs of wear and tear as well. If it looks like it is getting frayed and may fall apart, drop by Animal Humane Society to purchase a new one.

    Here’s what you need know about dog collar dangers

    Though it may be tempting to take your pet’s collar off when inside your home, it’s important that your pet wears a collar both indoors and out. Accidents can happen when you least expect it and it’s best to be prepared. Just as a smoke alarm is a safety device to protect you and your family, a collar and ID tag is a safety device to protect your pet. You shouldn’t take a collar off your pet any more than you would take the batteries out of your smoke alarm.