Is A Tibetan Mastiff Illegal In Us

Tibetan mastiffs are one among the oldest dog breeds that have the glorious history, which were originated from the mountain range of Himalaya in Tibet. They are most recognised for their exceptional look like a lion and extraordinary courage and power. Which are Very Territorial and protective. That makes them the best guard dog and Worlds most expensive dog breed. But in some countries they are listed in dangerous dog breed category that are banned or restricted. Find the seven amazing facts about Tibetan mastiffs and list of seven countries where they are banned.

Yes, Tibetan Mastiffs are legal in the US. While they are banned from certain states, it is not impossible to own a Tibetan Mastiff if you live in the US. Check your state’s rules and restrictions before acquiring this breed. Tibetan Mastiffs are sometimes seen as aggressive and dangerous dogs.

Are Tibetan Mastiffs banned or legal in the UK?

Although they are banned in some countries, Tibetan Mastiffs are not banned in the United Kingdom. They are considered dangerous animals and need special permits to live in the UK. You can, however, import one if you follow the correct procedure.

The countries that banned the Tibetan Mastiffs

Some have banned them for being aggressive, while others have banned them due to fears that they will escape their property and harm other animals or people.

If you are considering getting a Tibetan Mastiff but live in one of these countries, you might want to reconsider, or at least check with your local law enforcement agency before making the decision.

If you want to own one of these dogs, there are breeders in almost all countries. Just make sure you do your research beforehand.

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Is A Tibetan Mastiff Illegal In Us


How much does a Tibetan Mastiff cost in the US?

Most of the places in the US have allowed Tibetan Mastiffs except for Wapato and Abbotsford. Washington state ( Wapato ) and Abbotsford, Wisconsin has banned all mastiff types that include Tibetan mastiff, Bullmastiff, French Mastiff, English mastiff, Spanish mastiff, Brazillian mastiff, and Pyrenean mastiff.

Can you have a Tibetan Mastiff as a pet?

Tibetan Mastiff puppies are extremely rare and hard to find in the United States, but if you do happen to locate one, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000. Because of their rarity, they are very expensive. To put it more into perspective, they are considered the most expensive breed of dog in the world.