Is alcohol bad for dogs skin? A Comprehensive Guide

Isopropyl Alcohol – Safe for Dogs?

Dr. Ann Hohenhaus, staff doctor at The Animal Medical Center in NYC claims “many pets lick this off their fur and the small amount consumed is not dangerous. The same would be true for the small amount of isopropyl contained in pet wipes. Clearly, the alcohols contained in medications have been proven safe or the Food and Drug Administration would not have approved the use of these medications.”

I have heard of dog’s drinking anti-freeze (supposedly has a sweet taste), gasoline, and loving bitter apple (bitter taste!), so I would still keep it out of reach. But what if it’s put on their body and they lick it off?

The MSDS goes on to warn about acute oral, dermal, and vapor toxicity in animals, though (sadly) special remarks on toxicity to animals are “not available.”

Ethanol Concentrations In Drinks & Household Products

Light beer 5–7 2.5–3.5
Beer 8–12 4–6
Ale 10–16 5–8
Wine 20–40 10–20
Mouthwash 14–27
Amaretto 34–56 17–28
Aftershave 19–90
Schnapps 40–100 20–50
Coffee liqueurs 42–53 21–26.5
Brandy 70–80 35–40
Bourbon 80–90 40–45
Rum 80–82 40–41
Cognac 80–82 40–41
Vodka 80–82 40–41
Whiskey 80–90 40–45
Tequila 80–92 40–46
Gin 80–94 40–47
Cologne/perfume 50
Hand sanitizers 60–95
*For alcoholic beverages, the proof is double the percentage of alcohol present.

Dogs may tend to be more attracted to fruit-based drinks, cocktails, punches, ciders, seltzers, and foods with alcohol as a key ingredient. Another serious consideration is diet alcoholic beverages or other mixers that may contain Xylitol, an artificial sweetener, which is highly dangerous for dogs; it can be fatal if consumed by dogs.

Is It Ever OK to Let My Dog Have a Sip of My Drink?

While it might seem harmless to let your dog take the tiniest sip of your wine, beer or mixed drink, the bottom line is that its never OK to let your dog drink alcohol. Its never acceptable to put his health at risk, no matter how amusing it may seem at the moment. As a pet parent, its your responsibility to keep your pooch safe, and that includes keeping him away from alcohol.

Can Dogs get Drunk? What happens when you Feed Alcohol to your Dog?

Alcohol poisoning is a common ingredient in many products besides drinks. Different types of alcohol are used in everything from hand sanitizer to antifreeze, and alcohol poisoning can quickly become fatal for a dog.

Alcohol poisoning can occur by swallowing a substance or absorption through the skin. If you suspect your dog has gotten into alcohol or is showing signs of alcohol toxicity, contact your veterinarian or Pet Poison Helpline as soon as possible.