Is Bluey A Girl Or Boy Dog

Bluey is a girl! As a matter of fact, both Heeler family pups are girls. Bingo is orange and reddish-brown, which might seem like the more “feminine” color combo because (a) it’s warmer tones and (b) those are Chilli’s color, too. But people are often thrown to learn that Bluey, who is blue like her dad, is a girl.

But is Bluey a boy or a girl?

In case you missed the references in the series to Blueys gender, she is a girl, as is her younger sister Bingo. Viewers might not realize that both Bluey and Bingo are girls because the fact is rarely mentioned in the series, which does its best to steer the young dogs away from gender stereotypes as far as the games they play and the toys they play with.

For example, youd be hard-pressed to find Bluey playing a princess game or carting around a bin full of dolls. Instead, Bluey plays pretend and uses her imagination the way a kid of any gender would. And, because of the way she plays and the lessons she learns along the way, shes relatable for girls and boys everywhere. Article continues below advertisement

“I dont think it was intentional,” Daley said, of the decision to not remind audiences often about whether Bluey is a boy or girl. ” I think Bluey is very true to life. So I think its only referenced or put into context as much as parents would… And so for that reason, its probably more true to life, like you dont sort of remind your child what [gender] they are every minute. And I think that was very refreshing for audiences.” Article continues below advertisement

Hamish Blake, Zoë Foster Blake and Anthony from The Wiggles are set to guest star It has been confirmed that comedian Hamish Blake and Zoë Foster Blake will lend their voices to two characters in the new season of Bluey. The comedian and his skincare founder wife will be heard in the second episode, Hammerbarn, where the family visit a hardware shop. Hamish will play a labrador who works as a Hammerbarn employee, and Zoë will play a poodle who is a checkout dog.

The ABC’s Head of Children’s Production, Libbie Doherty said, “We are excited to confirm, that more Bluey is on its way! As we roll out this new season with heart-warming and hilarious new episodes, the excellent Ludo team will be hard at work again making series 3. Thank you to all Australians young and old who have loved Bluey as much as we do.”

“Career Pinnacle! my sweet lady wife and I got to voice a few pooches in the new season of Bluey coming out soon! I am genuinely star struck to be the Hammerbarn employee in this quick scene with Bandit. My hero. In all seriousness, we luuuurrve Bluey, it’s imagination, it’s heart, its Aussie-ness, its celebration of playing, it’s perfect wry ability to capture the challenges and above all, joys, of being a parent. Plus it’s genuinely hilarious (the Hammerbarn ep, which is the Bluey World’s take on Bunnings, made me LOL) Simply put we, like everyone, are a big Bluey house. When the chance came up to be part of it, there was only one possible response: whackadoo. ”

Dave McCormack is the former frontman for 90s rock band, Custard. He voices Bluey’s dad, Bandit. Actor Melanie Zanetti voices Bluey’s mum, Chilli, and the show welcomes regular guest appearances from radio host Myf Warhurst (as Aunt Trixie), musician Megan Washington (as teacher Calypso), and surfer Layne Beachley (as, you guessed it, a surfer).

Bluey’s composer, Joff Bush, composed the album with his music team and the cover artwork is designed by Joe Brumm, the creator of Bluey at Ludo Studio. The perfect soundtrack fun and play at home or an outdoor adventure, the album features 17 tracks, all original compositions from Series 1 of the animated series.

I shouldn’t be shocked, nor should I make a big deal about it. But I am. For those that missed this, too, here’s your PSA: Bluey is a girl!

I understand that we’ve come to a point in our lives where Bluey being a girl is not groundbreaking information. You’re probably thinking that this doesn’t even need to be a big deal. But it does, because it is a big deal. It’s a big deal because in my assumption that Bluey is a boy, I subconsciously sent female’s back a century. I revived stereotypes that I thought were dead and gone. For this moment in time, unbeknownst to myself, I was a sexist.

Is Bluey A Girl Or Boy Dog

This is such an outdated stereotype that I’m embarrassed to even discuss it, but here we are. Bluey is blue, just like her dad. Bingo, Bluey’s little sister, is a light-brown coloured dog, like their mother. I assumed that the show went with this simple colour-scheme to mark the boys as blue and the girls as light-brown.

Bluey, however, is not a simple show. It is almost insulting to the creators to think they’d need “boy colours” to identify boys from girls. Just like in real-life, daughters may inherit more traits from their fathers than their mothers. And just like in real-life, siblings may look nothing alike.

I didn’t even notice the gears in my mind, as they rotated to steer me towards the belief that Bluey is a boy. I buy my sons pink clothes and dolls, for goodness sake. Why on Earth did I jump to this conclusion?

Is Bluey A Girl Or Boy Dog

I’m always getting my nickers in a knot over society’s that a “perfect” family includes a mum, a dad, a son and a daughter. I often discuss this with fellow “Boy Mums“, as we are often on the receiving end of judgey comments that imply our family is incomplete, due to our unbalanced male-to-female ratio.

When I saw Bluey’s family, though, I saw a mum, a dad, a son and a daughter. Heaven forbid a fictional family should reflect anything that strays from the cookie-cutter family we’ve all come to expect.

Growing up in a household consisting of my mum, my sister and myself, I’m dealing with so much internal frustration over this stuff-up. I didn’t grow up with the Mum/Dad/Brother/Sister configuration, but I’m somehow on autopilot assuming that other families are.

Is Bluey A Girl Or Boy Dog