Is board and train good for dogs? Get Your Pet Thinking

Clubs Offering:

Are you struggling to train your dog? Perhaps you have an unruly puppy who is peeing in the house. Or maybe you have an older dog who jumps on you when you come home. Your dog’s issues might even be more serious, such as reactivity. There’s no doubt you could benefit from professional help, but is board and train the solution? Learn more about board and train and why it might not be all that it seems.

Board and train facilities are like boot camps for dogs. Owners place their dogs in the facility’s care for two or more weeks and are assured a well-behaved dog at the end of the stay. While your dog is at board and train, they will work with at least one trainer to tackle anything from basic obedience to the promise of eliminating problem behaviors like aggression or fear.

What Services Are Offered in Board-and-Train Programs?

  • Basic Training: The most common services are obviously training. Dogs boarding are often taught basic commands such as sit, down, stay, heel, come and watch me. Often, behavior issues are addressed and dogs are also taught how to stop jumping, stop pulling on the leash, running out the door, counter-surfing, etc. In certain circumstances, trainers toss in a few extra helpful commands such as leave it, drop it and even some tricks.
  • Behavior Modification: Some dog training centers also address serious behavior issues such as aggression, anxiety and other problem behaviors. During the dogs stay, the dog is typically exposed to the stimulus the dog is reactive towards, ideally at a low level of intensity (under the threshold). The dogs behavior is then changed using different behavior modification techniques (desensitization, counter-conditioning, Behavior Adjustment Training, etc). Note: not all methods employed are good, some trainers may use flooding and other methods that can fix the problem temporarily or aggravate the issue. Some trainers resort to shock collars, prong collars, choke collars and use training methods based on coercion to obtain fast results, this is really wrong!
  • Are you ready to transform your dog and your life?

    Behaviors and commands your dog will learn:

  • Heeling on leash (eliminate pulling, barking)
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Come / Recall
  • Place
  • Environmental exposure / Field Trips
  • Free / Release From Position
  • Out (drop it)
  • Crate training
  • Meal time etiquette
  • Threshold / Doorway etiquette
  • Included in this program:

  • Phone, and email support during and after the program
  • Inclusive of training equipment such as a prong collar, an e-collar, an elevated bed, and a long line leash
  • Midway Session
  • Go Home Session
  • Follow up session
  • Two (2) FREE advanced group classes
  • Access to facility boarding, exclusive to graduates of our board and train program
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