Is Bork the dog dead? Essential Tips

Wait: Then What Is a Meme?

A meme is an , video, piece of text or other snippet of media (usually comedic in nature) that spreads rapidly throughout the internet. Oftentimes, there will be slight variations and ‘versions’ of the meme produced.

The criterias for a meme are often debated, and are subject to change. In the beginning, memes were a catchphrase or concept, but they have now grown to include challenges, pictures, videos, GIFs, songs and other viral trends.

The world of memes is vast and hard to pin down, but some examples include ‘Condescending Wonka’, ‘Chuck Norris Facts’ and ‘Woman Yelling at a Cat’.

Gabe the Dog was a white Eskimo/Pomeranian mix dog, who was white and fluffy. He was born on January 3 2011, in Canada. His owner was Jesse Hamel, known on YouTube as ‘deathtrips’ (previously ‘gravycp’).

On January 8 2013, Jesse uploaded a video of Gabe “borking” titled “The New Dog Source” to his YouTube account. This video would amass over 60,000 views in three years.

Following this, on November 1 2014, Jesse posted a newer video of Gabe, titled “Newest Dog Source”. Again, on March 30 2016, Jesse posted another video of Gabe, titled “Brand New 2016 Dog Source”. All of these videos would go on to have over a million YouTube views collectively.

Jesse Hamel was Gabe the Dog’s owner, and is a musician and artist. He hails from Winnipeg, Canada, like Gabe.

Jesse was previously known as ‘deathtrips’ on YouTube, but since Gabe’s videos he has changed his account name to ‘Jesse Hamel’.

Jesse uploads a variety of different content: he creates and produces his own music, films tutorials, records sketch comedies and skits, uploads funny ‘meme’ videos and of course, once uploaded the original Gabe the Dog videos.

Is Jiffpom a boy or girl?

Jiff Pom is a small Pomeranian dog born on February 26, 2010 in Chicago. The dog and his owner later moved to Los Angeles to further Jiff Pom’s career.

Was Gabe the dog put down?

He went peacefully, being loved with his family with a smile on his face. All things considered, Gabe had a good run. He was already pushing his senior years when we picked him up from the shelter, but still blessed us with six years of loving, dancing and borking. His borks never slowed down until his very last day!

Gabe The Dog Died! REMEMBERING THE BORK KING (Thoughts and Tribute)

Gabe the Dog, a wonderful little white dog who had a very big and unique bark (bork) that made him the subject of numerous videos and memes, sadly passed away on January 20, 2017. According to his human Jesse Hamel, Gabe had been struggling with heart disease for quite a while.

Arf turned Gabe the Dog into a giant borking Death Star and other Star Wars characters.