Is chlorinated drinking water bad for dogs? A Complete Guide

Are Saltwater Pools Better?

Drinking excessive water from a saltwater pool can cause dogs the same problems as chlorinated pool water. In addition, consuming too much salt can lead to diarrhea or electrolyte imbalances that can quickly become life-threatening. Fortunately, pool water contains much less salt than the ocean, so it would take a large volume of pool water to be this dangerous.

Saltwater pools might be slightly gentler on dogs skin and mucous membranes, but short swimming sessions are still safer than extensive exposure.

To prevent irritation from chlorine, salt, and other pool chemicals, hose your dog off with fresh water and rinse away residue after swimming in a pool.

Can Dogs Swim in Chlorine Pools? What About Saltwater Pools?

Its generally safe for dogs to swim in both chlorine and saltwater pools as long as the chemicals are balanced. Of course, its important to make sure your dog knows how to swim. Regardless of their swimming skills, be sure to supervise your dog at all times.

Also, pool water may dry out your dogs skin and coat. You can prevent this by rinsing or bathing your dog after swimming. Avoid giving a bath right before swimming because it strips the natural protective oils on your dogs skin and can make pool water more irritating. If you dont have access to a dog-friendly pool but still want to give your pup a refreshing spot to take a dip, try purchasing their own doggie pool or even sprinkler.

Should I Lower My Pool’s Chlorine Level?

If you think that reducing the chemicals is a good solution for dog—or human—safety, think again! Improperly treated pool water can harbor a variety of microorganisms including bacteria, algae, fungi, and parasites. These can affect you and your dog via accidental ingestion, inhalation, or contact with skin and mucous membranes. These pathogens are often much more harmful than the level of chlorine used to maintain a sanitary pool.

Can Dogs Drink Pool Water? Whether A Salt Water Pool Or Chlorine Pool, Too Much Can Be Bad For Them

Many of us are lucky to have the companionship of man’s best friend. We are always concerned about what is best for our favorite furry canines.

Whether it’s ensuring that they get quality nutritious food or the best grooming in town, we try to provide our dogs with the very best. However when it comes to drinking water, what are you giving your dogs?

For something so essential tap water is taken for granted. We often don’t give a second thought to where our dogs are getting their hydration from.

Dogs like us have a body containing 60-70% water. So if we’re so cautious about our drinking water sources, why should our furry companions not have the same privilege?

Water is just as vital to them as it’s to us and it’s essential for all kinds of bodily function, including: