Is Gravy Train Bad For Dogs

Gravy Train has been elected as one of the worst rated dog food brands for using controversial meat sources, corn, by-products, artificial flavors and preservatives. 1-2 star ratings are found on numerous message boards and online retailer reviews.

Gravy Train is a grain-inclusive dry dog food using a limited amount of named and unnamed by-product meals as its primary source of animal protein, thus earning the brand 1 star. Not recommended.

Smucker initiated the product withdrawal following a Feb. 8 media report of low levels of pentobarbital contamination in some Gravy Train products.

“At Clean Label Project, we believe that sometimes what’s not on the label is what’s most important,” she said.

The contamination was detected during the course of a study commissioned by WJLA, a Washington D.C. area station, according to a spokesperson from the Clean Label Project, which conducted the study for the news station. Gravy Train was the only brand of pet food included in the study that was found to contain pentobarbital.

The study was undertaken in response to the 2017 discovery of pentobarbital in brands of canned/wet dog food manufactured by Evanger’s Dog & Cat Food Co. Inc., an adulteration that resulted in illnesses of several pets and at least one death.

A consumer-level product recall has not been initiated. As of Wednesday afternoon neither Smucker nor any government agencies had revealed whether any of the implicated dog food made it to retail shelves where the public has access to buy it.

Are Gravy Train Beef Sticks good for dogs?

This kind of nutritional profile is not well suited to the vast majority of dogs, and they would be better suited to a diet with a higher proportion of protein and fat.

Is Diamond a good dog food?

Our Rating of Diamond Dog Food

The Dog Food Advisor finds Diamond to be an above-average grain-inclusive kibble. Each recipe uses a moderate amount of named meat meal as its dominant source of animal protein… thus earning the brand 3.5 stars. The Diamond Naturals formula gets 4.5 stars.

No! If given long term, pedigree can make dogs more prone to liver or kidney problems. The first ingredient in this dog food is corn, corn is generally a filler. The second ingredient is poultry by-product meal, which is dried product from a slaughterhouse.


Is Gravy Train dog food recalled?

The J.M. Smucker Co. has voluntarily withdrawn certain shipments of 27 different pet food products following media reports of pentobarbital contamination in some of its Gravy Train dog food. Pentobarbital is a tranquilizer that is often used as a euthanizing agent to put down sick or fatally injured animals.

Does Gravy Train cause seizures in dogs?

A drug used to euthanize animals has been found in canned dog food, prompting a recall. Low levels of the drug pentobarbital were detected in cans of Gravy Train dog food produced by the J.M. Smucker Company, the FDA said in a statement Friday.

Is gravy dog food bad for dogs?

Gravy Train With Lamb & Rice Chunks.

The ingestion of pentobarbital can lead to a long list of adverse health issues, including neurologic abnormalities (tremor, seizure, vocalization, unusual eye movements), ataxia (difficulty walking), collapse, coma, and of course: death.