Is Ham poisonous to dogs? Get Your Pet Thinking

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Ham is a delicious food, but can dogs eat ham? It’s not advisable. Consider these points before feeding your dog ham.

Be careful though, as the worst thing you could actually give your dog related to ham would be the cooked bones.

Furthermore, raw ham bones can contain bacteria that are harmful to your dog, so you should always consult your vet before giving them to your pooch.

Sodium in large enough quantities is bad enough for people, but it’s also bad for dogs. Sodium isn’t the only danger that this meat poses to pets. The preservatives are loaded with nitrates and nitrites, and these are also sodium-based.

Ultimately, small pieces of ham from time to time probably wouldn’t be lethal to your dog, barring they don’t have any medical issues that would warrant otherwise.

If this isn’t bad enough, ham is also higher in fat than other meats. Since your dog’s diet likely already has the appropriate amount of healthy fats that your pup requires, ham would only be an unnecessary addition and result in possible digestive issues for your pet, instead.

No Bones About It

Bones are very dangerous for animals. Every year thousands of animals end up in the emergency room from eating bones, usually given by their owners as treats. The fact is that dogs are omnivores, not carnivores. Most dogs and cats cant tolerate bones, since they can splinter or lodge in the intestinal tract with disastrous results, usually requiring surgery. Bones can also get stuck in your pets mouth or throat, which is just as dangerous. Bones of all kinds are bad, including pork, chicken, and beef. So the next time you feel the urge to give your dog a bone, just make sure its a Milk-Bone™ or a Nylabone™. Your pet will love you for it.

What happens if a dog eats ham?

Picture this: Its a big holiday meal, with a big holiday ham, and youre sharing feelings of gratitude and joy with all your family and friends. Do your four-legged canine friends get a piece too? We had a vet sound off on scenarios where ham may or may not be safe for your dog.