Is it bad if my puppy sleeps a lot? Simple and Effective Tips

Is my puppy sick or just tired?

Unfortunately, some causes of sleeping more aren’t so benign. Many illnesses can cause lethargy, which can result in your puppy sleeping more. This is usually more than just being a little tired. Your puppy will also have a decreased energy level and may be reluctant to participate in his normal routine. He may play less or not at all, and may fatigue more quickly on walks. Your puppy may also show other symptoms of illness such as changes in appetite, changes in urination and defecation habits, vomiting or diarrhea, or other changes in health and behavior. If you suspect your puppy is lethargic, or you notice any other changes in your puppy’s health, see a veterinarian for an evaluation.

What age should a puppy sleep through the night?

By the time they’re ready to go home to their new families – around 8 weeks of age – most puppies are capable of sleeping through the night. Some small breed dogs may need an additional potty break during the night at first. By 16 weeks of age, all puppies should be able to sleep through the night. If your puppy still needs to go out during the night past this age, or if your puppy is having accidents during the night, this could be due to habit, poor crate training, or due to a medical issue such as a urinary tract infection.

Why is my puppy sleeping more?

It’s normal for puppies to sleep a lot, but what if your puppy is sleeping more than his normal amount? This can occur due to a change in your puppy’s activity level. If your puppy had a big romp in the park or a stressful visit to the veterinary clinic, he may sleep the rest of the day or even sleep more than usual the next day as well. Your puppy may also sleep more than usual if there has been a disruption to his normal sleep schedule, such as getting to bed later at night or having more people at home during the day when he usually naps. This can make your puppy sleep more during the hours when he is able to get some uninterrupted rest.

What Your Dog’s Sleeping Position Reveals About Their Personality, Health and Character

Are you thinking your dog is the laziest canine on earth because it sleeps a lot and about ten hours in the whole day? Let me shock you with this. Your dog is probably getting bad sleep. Most normal dogs should sleep even more than that. The average sleep time for a dog is around twelve hours and above it a day – except if the dog is employed as some police dog or for sport, then it can sleep less.

But if your dog used to be very lively and has only changed recently, then there may be something wrong with it, and you should find out the reason why.

There are many possible reasons for this sudden change in habit. The problem can range from stress to more severe problems. It’s crucial to know the signs of possible causes and be able to realize when you should visit the vet.

Heres is an infographic that you need to know about a dog’s sleeping habits and when to worry about them.