Is it cruel to keep a dog in a cage all day? Let’s Explore

Good for travel

When you’re driving, your dog can be a major distraction. They might walk around or even try to sit or stand on your lap. “Using the crate when you travel in the car is safer than having your dog moving around,” says Wilhelm. Crates are also useful when you take your dog with you on vacation. In this scenario, a crate can serve as a comfortable and familiar home away from home, which will help your dog feel less overwhelmed by new environments and the traveling process.


If your dog starts whining in the crate, you have a hard decision to make – is your dog whining to entice you to let them out, or do they genuinely need to go to the potty? This is a judgment call you will need to make, based on how recently your dog ate or drank something and how long it has been since they last went to the potty. Be very wary of letting your dog out simply because they are whining, as your dog will soon learn that whining is a sure-fire way of being let out of the crate. Most importantly, don’t yell or scold your dog for whining. If you are convinced that they are whining simply to entice you to let them out, just ignore their behavior. If you think they need to go to the potty, let them out for a break and then put them straight back into the crate.Our Recommended Pee Pads For Puppies

Facilitates house training efforts

Crates are ideal for house training because dogs don’t like to soil their sleeping place. “This method allows you to learn your dog’s routine and continue training with consistency,” Landis-Hanna. “If your dog is taken outside to urinate at the same time every day, she learns to expect that schedule and routine.”

Crates are also useful house training tools because they allow you to know your dog’s exact location. “You need to know where your dog is 100% of the time to prevent accidents,” says Wilhelm.

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