Is it good to change dog food regularly? Tips and Tricks

Is It Okay to Rotate Your Dog or Cat’s Food?

Yes. Many people get nervous that changing their pets diet might lead to an upset stomach, and in some cases, this is true. But when you introduce a rotational feeding schedule properly, with a slow transition that gradually gets quicker over time, there is likely to be few tummy troubles to worry about.

As we mentioned in the previous section, rotating your dogs food could potentially improve their health. However, you’ll want to follow best practices (which we cover in the next few sections) to make sure that the dog food transition period goes well, and make sure you’re watching for any signs of food sensitivities.

Frequently Asked Questions About Switching Foods

If youre like most pet owners, you probably have some questions about how to switch your pets food safely. Check out these answers to rotational feeding FAQs.

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Dogs and cats, just like people, appreciate and benefit from a diet full of variety. Eating the exact same food day after day can lead to boredom, can limit the spectrum of nutrients that your dog receives, and may even increase their risk of food sensitivities.

Rotational feeding, or switching up the foods on your pets menu on a regular basis can broaden their palate and may allow them to benefit from a wider spectrum of nutrients and ingredients. You can swap foods daily, weekly, or on another frequency that’s convenient for you. This feeding method has a range of potential benefits for dogs and cats of all ages and is easy to start doing.

If you’re considering trying rotational feeding, read this guide to learn how to do it safely and find answers to commonly asked questions.

Moving your pet from an old diet to a new diet and figuring out which new foods to give them can feel intimidating at first, but there are many perks to doing so. Here are some reasons why rotational feeding is worth it.

How to — Change your pet’s food

Like humans, dogs enjoy, and should consume a variety of different foods. Although they are descended from wolves, and thereby classified as Carnivora, research shows that dogs are monogastric omnivores. This means that in addition to meat, dogs can enjoy a variety of other food sources. Rotating your dogs food not only is enjoyable for his taste buds, but also can stave off potential food allergies.

In the wild, dogs obtain minerals and vitamins by eating many different kinds of food. With most domestic diets, the vitamins and minerals already can be a part of your dogs food, as most commercial foods research the exact dietary needs of dogs at different stages in their lives. You can choose from a variety of foods; raw, dry kibble, canned foods or a combination of the above. Rotation still is important, however, as rotating food helps prevent protein allergies.

Allergic reactions occur in dogs who are fed the same food for extended periods of time; the dogs immune system begins to identify a food ingredient as harmful, releasing antibodies to fight the allergy. An allergic reaction often is the first indication of the need to change your dogs food. Allergies can manifest in a variety of ways, including itchy skin, hot spots, red and raw looking skin, an upset stomach and diarrhea.