Is it normal for puppies to be cross eyed? Find Out Here

Why Do Some Puppies have Strabismus?

We have already talked about some of the causes of strabismus, but there are many different causes of strabismus. These include abnormalities in the development of the eye or the muscles of the eye.

It can also be caused by toxic nerve paralysis or inflammation in the brain. Inflammation in the brain can be caused by trauma to the brain.

Another reason for strabismus is trauma to the eye or the eye muscles.

A more dangerous reason for strabismus is cancer of the brain or nerves that lead to the eye. It also could be congenital, which means inherited from a parent.

A breed of dog that is known for having congenital strabismus is Boston Terriers. There is a long line of strabismus that is the Boston Terrier lineage that could present in your pups.

How to Tell if Your Puppy has Strabismus

How can you tell if your dog has strabismus? Is strabismus just one crossed eye? There are several symptoms associated with strabismus, including one or both of your dogs eyes pointing in an abnormal direction.

It is possible for both of their eyes to be crossed. This can be very bad for your dog because if both of their eyes are crossed, they will not be able to see.

Another symptom is that the movement of the two eyes may not be coordinated or fail to move properly.

Other neurological signs can show up if your dog has strabismus. Their pupil sizes might be different from each other.

Your dog could also have weakness or difficulty walking associated with their strabismus.

If you see your dog tilting their head to one side or falling on one side, they likely have strabismus. Sometimes visual problems can be confusing for dogs and therefore affect mobility.

How can you tell if your puppy has bad eyesight?

Symptoms of Vision Problems in Dogs

  • Your dog’s eyes may be red and weeping with fluid which can affect the vision.
  • Cloudiness in the eyes.
  • Changes to the colors of the eye.
  • Bumping into things (a sure sign that vision is impaired)
  • Behavioral changes such as apprehensive behavior.
  • Pawing at the eyes or face.
  • Crossed Eyes in Dogs | Wag!

    A dog owner may become alarmed when his canine’s eyes turn in different directions. This condition is called strabismus and is typically caused by a muscle or nerve issue. Strabismus can affect dogs of all ages but often occurs at birth. Although in most cases this condition isn’t life threatening, sometimes there’s an underlying cause that’s serious. Here’s how to recognize and treat strabismus in dogs.

    Evaluate your dog for symptoms of strabismus. A dog that experiences this condition will have eyes that don’t point in the same direction. He may also appear lethargic and have a decreased appetite.

    Take your dog to the animal hospital. Contact the vet and advise of your arrival. It’s important to not waste any time in case there’s an underlying nerve issue causing the problem. Keep your dog as calm and relaxed as possible by speaking in a soothing voice.

    Design a treatment plan with your vet. If your canine has a muscle issue, his condition may just need monitoring. However, if your dog has a more serious issue like a tumor, surgery may be required.

    Monitor your dog closely. When you bring your canine home, monitor his symptoms closely. If his symptoms become worse or he becomes dizzy and has fainting spells, contact your vet immediately.

    Keep stress to a minimum. While your canine is recovering it’s important to keep stress to a minimum. Keep other animals and small children at bay until your canine is feeling better. In the future pay attention to what causes your canines stress and minimize his exposure.

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