Is it OK if my dog eats hay? The Ultimate Guide

Hay Is Not Part of a Dog’s Natural Diet

Hay, simply put, is not part of the natural diet for dogs. Although they are omnivores in some regards, dogs are natural carnivores, and they can’t digest plants with high cellulose content like hay.

They also don’t have the bacteria and other microscopic creatures in their intestines that can help break down cellulose in their diet, unlike other animals that eat hay, like goats, cows, and horses.

What if My Dog Ate Hay?

If your dog ate hay once and they seem to be okay after some careful monitoring, then there’s nothing much to worry about.

However, if your dog eats plenty of hay or is eating hay regularly, it’s never a good sign.

If you notice your dog feeling sick with symptoms such as decreased appetite, lethargy, breathing difficulty, and nosebleeds, it can be because your dog ate an excessive amount of hay.

Bring your dog to the vet as soon as possible.


Dog lovers always have to be aware of some important things, especially about the diet of dogs. One thing that frustrates many dog ​​lovers is when they see their pet rush to eat grass or hay even after eating healthy food.

You should surely be surprised if you keep a dog and see the same behavior in the case of your dog. Seeing them eat hay may raise questions in your mind that they are not cows or horses but still why they are eating it. Do you think they are so hungry or sick, or is it healthy for dogs to eat?

With all these questions in mind, we are going to start our article. Our article will give you a complete idea about can dogs eat hay or not? But first of all, let’s know what hay is and some of its common types. So, let’s get started with it.

Dog Eats Hay