Is it OK to give my dog crisps? A Step-by-Step Guide

Can dogs eat cheese and onion crisps?

If your pooch manages to snuffle a crisp they should be okay, but they definitely shouldn’t eat cheese and onion crisps regularly. Onion is toxic to dogs, and although the amount in a packet of crisps isn’t enough to poison your pup, eating a little onion or garlic regularly can lead to problems even if it’s in powdered form like the flavours found on crisps.

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Although Wotsits are touted as a less unhealthy variety of crisps, they’re still not good for dogs to munch. Admittedly they are baked rather than fried, so they aren’t as full of fat as your usual snacks. They also have no artificial colours or preservatives (no mention of no artificial flavours though.)

But one packet of Wotsits still has a lot of fat, including saturated fat, salt, and even sugar. They also use milk so if your dog has a dairy allergy, you really don’t want them to get into a bag. If your pooch somehow scrounges a dropped Wotsit, it shouldn’t cause them any harm. Just don’t make a habit of popping a puff into your pup’s mouth every time you have your own packet.

Like other kinds of crisps, you shouldn’t deliberately feed Quavers to your dog. But if your dog manages to eat a Quaver, they should be perfectly fine.

As well as the usual worries about fat, salt, and artificial nasties you have to worry about with all kinds of crisps, it might surprise you to find that Quavers contain garlic and onion powder. It won’t be enough to harm your dog if they only eat one or two, but they definitely shouldn’t scoff a whole bag or eat them regularly. Even dogs who eat small amounts of onion or garlic regularly can develop anaemia. If your dog has an allergy to dairy, soya, wheat, or barley they shouldn’t eat Quavers because they contain all of those ingredients.

Why Are Potato Chips Bad For Dogs?

Is it OK to give my dog crisps?

Potato chips, though a delicious snack, are not a very healthy treat for dogs — or humans for that matter. Most potato chips offer zero nutritional value and contain no vitamins whatsoever. In fact, they contain a lot of processed oil, fat, and sodium — none of which serve any beneficial contribution to your dog’s health.

Potato chips are also high in carbohydrates. This might give your dog a boost of energy but can make them gain unwanted weight in the process.

These snacks also contain an unhealthy amount of artificial flavors and additives to make them more appealing to humans. And while humans might like the flavors, they might not be healthy for your dog to consume.

Some of the symptoms your dog might have if they eat potato chips are:

Though potato chips might not be toxic or deadly to your pooch, they can still cause a lot of discomfort and pain in the short term and more severe health problems if dogs eat a lot over a long time.

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Most dogs will eat just about anything. And most of the time, they don’t bother waiting around for permission when some yummy food has been left unattended in their vicinity. So, as a dog owner, you have probably found your dog eating a potato chip or two that the kids have dropped on the ground or that were left behind on the table. But should dogs eat potato chips? This is a question every pet parent should ask themselves. The answer is that dogs shouldn’t indulge in potato chips like humans do. Read on to learn more about why you should keep potato chips away from your pooch.