Is it OK to let puppy chew on socks? Get Your Pet Thinking

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It Feels Good to Chew on Them

Fido isn’t chewing or stealing your socks because they taste good but because it feels good for them when they do. For puppies, this is usually just part of the teething process. For adult dogs, though, the action of chewing can provide them with comfort – similar to how athletes like to chew on gum to calm their nerves. Chewing can provide your pooch with stimulation and anxiety relief. Plus, it helps keep their teeth clean and their jaws and mouth healthy and strong.

Our canine companions are curious by nature. They love to be stimulated, which is why they usually enjoy playing with kids, taking long walks with you, and breaking in some new toys with you. However, if your pooch is not being properly stimulated, it can lead to bad behaviors like overeating or chewing on anything they can get their paws on. So, when Fido is stealing your socks, this might be their way of trying to entertain and distract themselves. You want to be sure that you’re not accidentally rewarding this kind of behavior by playing tug-of-war over your sock or chasing them around the house.

While it might seem gross, your pooch would probably prefer a dirty used sock over a clean one. This is usually because after we’ve worn a sock all day, we get our scent all over it and our pups tend to find comfort in the familiar scent of their owner. Especially if you’re gone, and your pooch is experiencing separation anxiety due to your absence, a sock that smells like you can help ease their stress. If you think this might be the case, then consider giving your canine companion some extra snuggles so that you can remind them just how loved they are.

You leave things lying around.

If your house is untidy or if there’s laundry in your dog’s reach, you can’t blame them. How can they know that chewing on things which lay on the floor is bad behavior? You’re better off keeping your socks off the floor and out of reach. Only by doing so your dog will learn to distinguish what they should and should not have their paws on. And it’s not just about socks. All of your laundry items are potential chew targets.

Does your puppy eat socks (or other items)?

Puppy Chewing Puppies chew. Like babies, they chew when they are teething. But unlike babies, they keep on chewing. Just when you think you’re safe, they seem to go through a super chewing stage as they approach a year of age. And unlike human babies, when dogs chew, they are very effective.

The best prevention is vigilance and good housekeeping. Remove everything chewable from your puppys reach. Puppies especially like to chew stuffed furniture, wooden objects, leather objects and that perennial favorite, shoes. Because you cant pick up everything, dont let your puppy wander around the house unsupervised. Keep her in a puppy-proof room when you cant watch her. As an extra precaution, you can slather bitter-tasting products (available from your veterinarian or pet supply store) on objects you dont want your puppy to sample.