Is it safe to put collars on newborn puppies? Expert Advice

Reusable, Washable Pee Pads to Start Potty Training

Having a washable dog pee pad solves a lot of problems at once. They’re super absorbent, easy to wash, and quick to dry.

Another recommendation from us would be to use a dog pee pad, preferably one that is washable. We’ve seen dog owners buy entire packs of dog pee pads that get thrown out once they’ve been used.

Newborn puppies pee quite frequently. Having a pee pads starts teaching them about designating places to eliminate.

Whether you’re a breeder and want to brush up on some facts or someone who was surprised with a litter to take care of. It could help to understand some of the fundamentals of looking after a new puppy litter.

Outside of finding the best way to identify newborn puppies, you may want to read more tips from this dog breeder website. They cover possible complications and help you to understand what is happening around you.

Puppy Litter Collars to Easily Identify Each Puppy

  • ★EASY IDENTIFICATION–Our ID collars come with 12 different bright colors,They are distinct which makes you easily to identify newborn pets.
  • ★GREAT MATERIAL–The puppy identification collars are made of soft nylon material, is washable, colorfast and reusable.
  • ★SATETY BUCKLE–Breakaway safe buckle releases when pressure is applied, it makes our ID collar very safe for puppies, and very convenient for you to open it.
  • As a safety precaution, the buckle is built to snap if there is too much tension. For a puppy that grows quickly, their collar might start to feel really snug. This can be difficult to monitor especially if you have a larger litter.

    By having a break-away buckle, the collars will detach on their own if it becomes too tight.

    These puppy identification collars are perfect for telling your litter apart. With each collar having its own designated color, the whelping in your litter will be easy to identify. The adjustable straps are incredibly useful because of the rapid growth of every whelp.

    Can I put a collar on a newborn puppy?

    I use little Velcro collars on my puppies when they are newborn. They come in all sorts of colors, and if I must repeat a color, I put dots on the white and light color ones with a Sharpie marker. After they get a little bigger, I go to larger Velcro collars or small cat collars.

    Paracord whelping collar tutorial

    You brought your new puppy home, now what?! Well of course after getting food, the second most important thing is finding your puppy a collar. A puppy collar will make it possible to go on (much needed) walks and hold your new dog’s most important info: its ID tag.

    Of course I’m partial, but I LOVE our puppy collars for the fact that their ID info is engraved right on the buckle. This means no hanging tags that can get caught on their crate, that they can chew off their collar and no jingle jangle from that tag — this collar is silent!

    The other thing I love about our puppy collars is that they are super lightweight. Getting used to wearing a collar can be tough for puppies. This collar is so light, they will barely notice it cutting down on scratching and annoyance to your dog’s neck. Small dog collars for new puppies are a must, you don’t want them to have a bulky collar that makes them adverse to collars their whole lives.

    We use a 3/8″ metal/ plastic hybrid buckle for that reason, it’s super light and small. This is is perfect for a puppy from birth to about 10lbs. Yes, newborn puppy collars are totally a thing, having the litter in diffrent color collars can help the breeder identify them too! After 10lbs we suggest upgrading to our 5/8″ or 1″ dog collars. These buckles are bigger and stronger which will suit your puppy as it grows.

    Have a puppy that stays tiny? Toy breeds can use our puppy collars for their entire lives as they will never outgrow this tiny buckle.

    Picking a collar can be a challenge since you may have just met your new puppy! We have an assortment of materials we use including velvet, glitter, ribbon and laminate.

    Our velvet puppy collars are super soft and come in 32 different colors! Washable + stylish, these velvet collars are made to impress. We have tons of blue + green velvet for boy puppy collars and lots of choices of pink + purple for girl puppy collars!

    Glitter puppy collars are great because they have so much bling to them. They are definitely for that dog who likes to stand out in a crowd.

    Our ribbon puppy collars are made of super thick grosgrain ribbon making them durable and washable. These also come in a ton of colors, your pup could wear a different color everyday!

    Lastly, my favorite, our laminated puppy collars. These collars are cotton covered in a laminate which makes them super durable, stain resistant and can either be washed in the machine or wiped off with a towel! They are the most durable for the puppy who loves to jump in puddles and roll in mud. And the white parts of the collar stay white, you will be amazed.

    Choosing a collar for your puppy may not seem like the most important decision you can make for them, but when you add our engraved buckles to your pup’s collar, this decision could save your dog from being lost from you forever. It can also save your puppy’s life preventing them from getting tradional ID tags stuck on their crates and choking themselves. At Mimi Green we are all about style but realize that the most important thing about our collars is that they keep your dog safe.