Is Kibbles And Bits Bad For Dogs

Why is Kibbles ‘n Bits® healthy for my dog? Kibbles ‘n Bits® provides 100% complete and balanced nutrition for adult dogs. It is made of a signature blend of crunchy kibble and chewy bits, which consist of a healthy combination of high-quality protein sources and essential vitamins and minerals.

Kibbles ‘n Bits is a grain-inclusive dry dog food using a limited amount of named and unnamed meat meals as its main source of animal protein, thus earning the brand 1 star. Not recommended.

Kibbles ‘n Bits dog food has been on the market for the past 3 decades. With dry and wet dog offered for your pooch, pet owners are asking if Kibbles ‘n Bits good for their dogs. Taking a look at the ingredients list of this pet food and reviews from previous customers will help you answer the question.

With the first two ingredients listed on the ingredients list being corn and soy (two of the top known allergens for dogs), some dog owners might disagree with this ingredients list. If a dog is known for having skin issues, corn, corn syrup, and soybean meal wouldn’t be the top ingredients pet owners would want to see.

We take a deeper look into this popular dog food brand in this Kibbles ‘n Bits dog food review, comparing the pros and cons, and making a recommendation.

Though the food ensures a good source of vitamins and other supplements, as well as high-quality protein, because dogs have such sensitive skin, the top ingredients on the list for Kibbles ‘n Bits were a bit off-putting as corn, corn syrup, and soybean meal were the first two ingredients listed (two known allergens for dogs). For the quality and price, Kibbles ‘n Bits is a good dog food choice for your pup—both dogs and humans agree!

Also, the use of unidentified animal fat source is a problem; it’s not ideal to have this type of ingredient used in the formula since you cannot identify exactly where it came from. Overall, there are some good aspects of these ingredients, there are some ingredients that should be noted and carefully studied in terms of your dog in particular.

Is Kibble And Bits A Good Dog Food?

When it comes to your pet’s nutrition, Kibble and Bits is not considered to be the best choice of dog food. It is commonly seen on big-box store shelves and often catches owners’ eyes due to its low price point, but the ingredients used are not considered to be the most nutritious for dogs.

The best source of protein for dogs is real meat, but Kibble and Bits is actually a corn-based dog food which can make it hard for a lot of dogs to digest.

It also has added food coloring, a high grain content, and lower than average healthy fat and protein percentage than many other higher-quality foods.

All dog foods must meet certain nutritional requirements to be safely sold in stores.

However, how they mix ingredients and process their food to meet those requirements can vary greatly by brand.

Kibble and Bits uses heat extrusion to cook and form its kibble, which can lower the nutrient quality of some ingredients.

Kibble and Bits is a dog food that can help someone on a budget feed their dog and meet their basic nutritional needs.

Being able to find Kibble and Bits at most major retailers adds a layer of convenience for those who feed it.

Convenience aside, Kibble and Bits would need an ingredient overhaul to fall into the category of top tier or even truly good dog foods.

What Is Kibble and Bits Made Of?

The number one ingredient in Kibble and Bits is corn. Corn is often found as a main ingredient in economy brand dog foods because it is fairly cheap and easy to work with.


Can I feed my dog kibbles and bits?

Kibbles ‘n Bits® is recommended for adult dogs of all sizes, while some formulas are specifically for small breed dogs, including our Small Breed Mini Bits Savory Beef & Chicken Flavors and our Bistro Small Breed Mini Bits Oven Roasted Beef Flavor dry varieties.

What dog food is better than kibbles and bits?

A Sneak Peek at the Winner: Purina Dog Chow

Although Kibbles ‘n Bits may be tastier, Purina Dog Chow is the healthier option. We recommend trying Purina Dog Chow Natural or Complete for tasty, affordable dog foods.

What ingredients in kibble is bad for dogs?

10 Ingredients to Avoid in Dog Food
  • BHA (Butylated Hydroxyanisole) First on our list is butylated hydroxyanisole, also known as BHA. …
  • White Flour. …
  • Meat Meal. …
  • Artificial Food Coloring. …
  • Corn Syrup. …
  • Rendered Fat. …
  • Vegetable Oil. …
  • Farmed Salmon.

Is all kibble bad for dogs?

Kibble is not unsafe to feed your dog, however, this type of diet may not work or agree with every individual. Some dogs prefer eating a wet or a tinned diet just as us humans prefer eating certain types of foods. In addition, if your pet has complex medical needs, there may not be a dry food formulated to suit them.