Is my dog protecting me while I poop? Expert Advice

It Could be a Bonding Session

They want to be with you at all times because that’s part of the pack animal mentality. This means that they have an instinct to do anything and everything with those they consider their family. Staring at you while you are pooping is basically a bonding experience between you and your dog.

When there is eye contact between a pet and the human owner, oxytocin is released. Oxytocin is the hormone responsible for love and attachment and dogs also experience this hormone just like people. The eye contact will release more oxytocin into the system, which helps create and deepen bonds between people or between animals and people.

Do dogs guard you while you poop?

Dogs stare or guard you while you poop for the same reasons why when they are pooping. Your dog also has that pack animal instinct, which means he will be there for you if you need help or if something is endangering you. He’s telling you he’s your security blanket and you’re safe.

A Dog’s Poop Ritual: The Pooping Process Perfected

Most people’s dogs have a poop ritual.

First, they walk around to find a suitable spot (which can be a bit frustrating for owners who are looking to have their dog pee and poop more quickly). Next, they might sniff around the spot for a little while before squatting and doing the deed. Depending on your pooch’s preferences, this might be when the stare down starts to occur.

Some dogs will turn around at this point, almost like they’re chasing their tails: According to The Little Things, this turn is just them surveying their environment and getting a good look at what’s around them.

Once done, most dogs will step a little bit away from it and kick backwards with their hind legs. No, they aren’t preparing to take off; what they’re doing is covering up their waste (as many owners note, not very effectively).

This is a left-over defense mechanism from the wild, where you have to cover up to protect yourself against predators (which are generally scary and, y’know, lions and tigers and bears).

Is my dog protecting me while I poop?

My DOG Protect Me While I POOP Since He Was a BABY!! #shorts

We get plenty of questions from readers and this has to be one of the weirder ones on the list; still, we’ve never been afraid of a little weird.

So why does your dog stare at you when he poops? The short answer: he probably wants to make sure you’re keeping watch out for predators.

In this article, we’re exploring why some owners report that their dogs stare at them while they poop, why others do the opposite, and why some dogs insist on following their owners into the bathroom.