Is nutrish dog food healthy? Get Your Pet Thinking

Which Rachael Ray Sub-Brand Is Best for You?

In the section below, you’ll find Rachael Ray’s six most popular sub-brands. We’ll also share what makes each different. So you can choose the food that best suits your dog.


This is Rachael Ray’s original dry kibble. Each recipe is made with grain and ample amounts of animal protein… derived from fresh meat and named meat meals.

  • No BHA, BHT or other high-risk preservatives
  • Chicken, beef, lamb and other protein options
  • 8 recipes (ratings vary)
  • Rating:

    Nutrish Zero Grain is Rachael Ray’s popular grain-free dry sub-brand.

  • No corn, wheat, rice or barley
  • Chicken, turkey, beef, fish, or salmon
  • Weight control option available
  • 6 recipes (ratings vary)
  • Rating:

    Nutrish Limited Ingredient (former name: “Nutrish Just 6”) is a dry kibble designed to help dogs suffering from suspected food sensitivities.

  • Only 6 natural ingredients
  • Lamb meal and brown rice
  • 1 recipe only
  • Rating:

    Nutrish Dish is Rachael Ray’s premium dry kibble that’s blended with pieces of whole ingredients you can see… like fruits, vegetables and meat.

  • One grain-free and 2 grain-inclusive recipes
  • 29% dry matter protein (above-average)
  • 3 recipes
  • Rating:

    Peak is Rachael Ray’s nutrient-dense product line. These grain-free dry recipes contain about 10% more protein that the company’s basic sub-brands.

  • 33% dry matter protein (above-average)
  • Novel meat sources like venison, duck and pheasant
  • 3 recipes (ratings vary)
  • Rating:

    This sub-brand is for those who prefer a grain-free wet recipe… that’s ideal for smaller dogs.

  • Chunky stew consistency
  • Flavorful topper for dry kibble
  • Safe for puppy, adult or senior
  • 6 recipes
  • Who Makes Rachael Ray Dog Food?

    Rachael Ray Nutrish was purchased from Ainsworth Pet Nutrition in 2018 by Big Heart Pet Brands… a division of The J. M. Smucker Company of Orville, Ohio.

    All dry foods are produced in the United States. Wet recipes are made in Thailand.

    Is Rachael Ray Food Good for Dogs?

    Yes, Rachael Ray Dog Food is good.

    The recipes are formulated to meet the nutrient profiles established by the Association of American Feed Controls Officials (AAFCO) that are based on the guidelines set forth by the National Research Council of the National Academies of Science, and each formula is considered to be a complete and balanced source of nutrition.

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