Is oatmeal bad for dogs with allergies? The Ultimate Guide

Oatmeal for Dogs: Benefits for Your Dog’s Skin

Is oatmeal bad for dogs with allergies?

When it comes down to bathing your dog in oatmeal, PETMD says that oatmeal baths work for mild itching and flaking of the skin. Because it’s an inexpensive home remedy, oatmeal shampoos have become popular as a natural home remedy for canine atopic dermatitis because it helps the skin form a protective barrier that retains moisture, and prevents skin dehydration.

That said, it’s important to visit your vet if your dog has hot spots or a serious skin condition. Here’s the take on oatmeal as an anti-inflammatory for dog’s skin.

Oatmeal can also be used as a skin paste to reduce skin inflammation in dogs. You can also combine oatmeal with a rooibos tea solution for optimal treatment. If your dog has scaly skin, you should ask your vet about diagnostic testing and a blood profile to get a diagnosis. Scaly skin, also called pet dandruff, is common in dogs and cats but can turn into something more serious.

You can also discuss allergic skin disease with your vet. Dogs with allergic skin disease may also show signs of scaliness or greasiness. Primary or secondary infections caused by bacteria like MSRA or yeasts can also result in scaly skin, with yeast skin infections linked to yeast infections. Look out for ringworm in pups and kittens that results in scaliness from the fungal infection.

  • Use your home food processor or coffee grinder to blend or process all your oatmeal bath ingredients.
  • Test by adding a spoonful into a glass of warm water. It should turn milky. If not, grind the oats to a finer consistency until the solution is a fine silky one, ready to bath your pup in.
  • You can use an oatmeal dog shampoo as an anti-inflammatory treatment to calm your dog’s skin irritations. Oatmeal is made from oat groats that are rolled, ground, steel-cut, or crushed.
  • You can leave the oatmeal shampoo on your dog’s skin for 10 minutes and rinse off with cool water.
  • Use a brush with soft bristles or rubber tips if your dog has sensitive skin.
  • Oatmeal can also be used as an exfoliant to help remove dead skin clear any pore blockages.
  • Note: Check with your veterinarian to make sure your dog is not allergic to oatmeal. You can also ask your groomer to use oatmeal dog shampoo to keep her skin healthy.

    The Benefits of Oatmeal for Dogs

    High in fiber and with a huge assortment of antioxidants and necessary vitamins and minerals, dog food manufacturers use oatmeal to bulk up food as a healthy additive.

    Why would my dog need an oatmeal bath?

    Dermatological issues among dogs are fairly common – itchy, dry skin or other skin issues can be uncomfortable for your pup, and frustrating for you. These can be caused by anything from allergies or irritants to seasonal changes.

    An oatmeal bath is one at-home remedy that can help calm minor itches. Though more serious issues will need a vet’s attention, you may be able to alleviate your pooch’s discomfort and save yourself some time and money with this method.

    The TRUTH about OATMEAL with Dogs?

    Oatmeal is a delicious and nutritious pantry staple found in 75% of American households.

    Packed with protein, vitamins, minerals, and a hearty dose of dietary fiber, it’s a great go-to meal. Whether you prefer your oats rolled, milled, or steel-cut, the health benefits are undeniable.