Is olive wood safe for dogs? Here’s What to Expect

What wood is safe for dogs to chew?

WOOD WITHOUT WORRY: Dogwood is a dog chew that contains the natural wood flavor and texture that dogs love without the side effect of splintering that real wood brings. Dogwood by Petstages is also lead and phthalate free making chew time also worry-free.

The Benefits of Olive Wood Dog Chews

✔️ Safe to Digest – Their compact texture means they will not splinter or shard like normal sticks so they do not pose a threat to your dog’s health.

Allergies/Toxicity: Although severe reactions are quite uncommon, Olive has been reported as a sensitizer. Usually most common reactions simply include eye and skin irritation. See the articles Wood Allergies and Toxicity and Wood Dust Safety for more information.

Wood is prone to breaking apart. Even if you don’t think your dog is actively eating wood, small pieces or splinters may break off and become swallowed. Those splinters can become lodged in your dog’s throat or digestive tract, which can form blockages or infections anywhere in the digestive system.

What if my dog eats wood?

If the object isn’t sharp, feed your pet a small meal first, and then induce vomiting. The food helps cushion the object and protect the tummy, and also pets vomit more easily if the stomach is full. If he doesn’t vomit, you’ll need to see a veterinarian. For sharp objects go to the vet immediately.

Olive Wood Chew Toys for Dogs are sustainably hand harvested from the Coastal Mountain Forests along the Mediterranean Sea. This 100% natural and untreated Olive Wood is Unique as it does not splinter like other woods. Instead, it will gradually grate into small rubbery fibers that promote good dental health by mechanically cleaning the teeth as your dog chews. Any soft fibers tht are swallowed will pass safely through the digestive system without harm.

Instructions & Precautions: It is important, as with all Dog Chew Toys, that the chew is only used under direct supervision, and it should be replaced before it is small enough for your pet to swallow. Small ruberlike fibers will grate away from the Olive Wood Chew toy and are harmless if ingested. Rarely, a small piece of the chew may break off. If this happens, discard any pieces small enough to fit entirely inside the dogs mouth. Consult your Vet if substantial pieces are swallowed. Although uncommon, tanins that occur naturally in all woods may cause discoloration of light colored fabrics when wet. It is best to avoid contact with light colored carpet, furniture, and other fabrics while your dog chews.

Olive wood or coffee wood for dogs ?