Is polyester A good couch fabric for dogs? The Ultimate Guide

If you have indoor pets, you can expect a collection of pet hair, scratches on the furniture, and some stains. Some fabrics last better than others in homes with dogs, cats, or both. Also, consider getting a couch with fewer seams; they are chewing, clawing, and digging magnets.

Stain- and odor-resistant treated outdoor fabrics repel moisture and even fend off bacteria, so you can share your couch with your pup without compromising comfort. You could bring outdoor furniture into the house or get slipcovers made from outdoor fabrics to cover pre-pet purchases. Design-minded pet owners have an extensive selection of outdoor materials, styles, and colors to choose from to upholster a new piece of furniture.

After a while, leather develops a patina that can add character to the couch. A pet can contribute to the darkening of leather, especially if it has a favorite spot on the couch. If you want your leather to stay pristine, keep your pets off the sofa. Or if thats not possible, consider using a slipcover or blanket to protect your sofa.

Regular weekly cleaning of your home can trap allergens if you have allergies. Most household allergens—pollen, dust, and pet dander—can be lessened or eliminated if you use a vacuum that targets these particles and aims to remove them from upholstery, curtains, carpets, rugs, and other fabric surfaces in your home.

If you have a cat, keep its nails trimmed as sharp claws can puncture the leather, leaving tiny holes. Genuine leather is more rigid than pleather, vinyl, or synthetic leather and is harder to puncture. Take measures to deter your cat from making a cat scratch post out of a corner of your couch.


Is polyester A good couch fabric for dogs?

No matter what we do, it seems pet hair somehow finds its way onto the upholstery fabric in our homes. Of course, the amount and frequency depends on the type of animal and the amount of hair it sheds (as well as the number of animals!).

Avoid tweed fabrics at all costs! Pet hair tends to embed itself in the weave, making it very difficult to remove.

Choosing an upholstery fabric with a pattern can help to camouflage hair (as well as marks or stains.) The secret is to make sure the main color of the pattern and the color of the pet hairs are very similar.


  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor upholstery and pet furniture
  • Water repellent and easy to clean
  • Highly abrasion resistant and won’t show scratches from dog claws
  • Durable and soft
  • Incredible five-year limited warranty
  • The BEST Upholstery Fabric……Kids & Pets!!

    It used to be a struggle to find a new couch that was going to stay looking brand new no matter how long you had it. Now, thanks to its growing popularity, polyester sofas are affordable and available from a lot of mainstream furniture and home accessories brands.

    Today, we’re going to take you through all the positive attributes of this upholstery material, show you how it holds up against other fabric options (both natural and man-made), and tell you where you can buy the best polyester sofas and loveseats currently on the market.

    Polyester sofa fabric is made using synthetic fibers, including microfiber, canvas, chenille, faux leather, velour, satin, tweed, and twill. It is a popular choice for indoor and outdoor furniture upholstery because it’s water repellent, impervious to discoloration (it doesn’t fade in the sun), and is proven to stand the test of time.

    The long term durability of polyester makes it an ideal choice of sofa fabric for families with children and pets.