Is there an alternative to Vetmedin for dogs? Here’s the Answer

How does pimobendan work?

Pimobendan causes the heart to pump more effectively. It does this because it sensitises the heart to the effects of calcium, one of the signals used by the heart when it’s contracting. The heart therefore relaxes and contracts more effectively. Pushing the blood around the body (this family of drugs are sometimes called “positive inotropes” because they help the heart push harder).

It also works to cause the blood vessels to open – ‘vasodilate’ – which reduces the amount of pressure the heart has to pump against. With less pressure to push against, less blood flows backwards through leaky valves. Not only does this mean that more blood is moving in the right direction, it means there’s less stress on the heart.

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What is Pimobendan?

Pimobendan is a drug commonly given to veterinary patients with heart failure. It’s usually used in dogs, but may occasionally be prescribed to cats. It’s one of the most useful and well-tested drugs for veterinary cardiac patients, and it has a good safety record.

Pimobendan is the name of the drug; it is marketed under several brand names. These include Cardisure, Pimocard, Pimotab, Vetmedin and Zelys; and it may also be combined with other drugs in products such as in Fortekor Plus.

What Every Pet Owner Should Know About The Use Of Vetmedin | Pimobendan Side Effects

I’ve seen many dogs with congestive heart failure (CHF) over the years. And until recently the only options I had to treat them were prescription drugs – something I don’t like to do!

Thankfully, that has changed. But before I get into treatments, let’s take a little time to talk about the causes of CHF and the signs you’ll see if your dog develops this disease.