Is there DNA in dog poop? What to Know

“Our decision to pursue dog DNA testing was around ensuring our property was being up-kept and maintained. And making sure our guests weren’t exposed to, well, dog poop every where,” Rex said. “It has worked. No one wants to be fined $100 over dog poop.”

The company has partners in every state and seven countries: Canada, Spain, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Israel, Australia and Mexico, said Retinger, who became CEO in 2017.

In 2008, entrepreneur Tom Boyd bought the BioPet research lab in Knoxville, Tenn., and, upon learning that research labs don’t make money, he founded PooPrints as the lab’s side hustle to bring in some extra revenue.

People swab their dog’s cheek when moving into a PooPrint-affiliated residence. That DNA sample is entered into the national pet registry. So if a pup poops on a lawn and the owner leaves it there, maintenance crews will take a sample, which will be sent to the lab in Knoxville.

Then, the sample is run through the DNA database until a match is found. The result is sent to the landlord who can dish out a fine to the guilty dog owner.

How Much Does It Cost To DNA Test Dog Poop?

PooPrints doesn’t list their pricing on their website. You can request a quote online or speak with their customer representatives. The cost varies slightly depending on the size and location of the community. After the initial dog registration swab kits, you only pay for each pet waste test.

Mr Dog Poop is much more transparent about their pricing. They charge $34.95 per dog for the initial swabbing kit and lab processing. Poop collection kits cost either $9.95 or $39.95 (it’s unclear what the difference is between the two options), and the poop sample lab processing is $40 per sample.

Is there DNA in dog poop?

See How One Urban Apartment Complex Uses PooPrints

A local newscast recently featured one apartment building in St. Louis, MO, that implemented PooPrints as part of their rental regulations. The video also includes a brief interview with PooPrints CEO, J Retinger.

Dog Poop DNA Tested to Catch Non-Cleaning Owners