Is Vicks Vapor Bad For Dogs

Vicks vaporizer or humidifier is not safe for pets, especially cats and dogs. It contains products like menthol and nutmeg oil which have shown to have serious side effects when inhaled by pets.

So, it is understandable if you find yourself wondering, “Is Vicks vaporizer safe for cats and dogs?”

Toxicity to pets

Camphor is commonly found in topical pain or arthritis body rubs. Examples of some common trade names containing camphor include Carmex, Tiger Balm, Vicks VapoRub, Campho-Phenique, etc. Camphor is readily absorbed across the skin, and should never be applied to dogs or cats due to risks for poisoning.

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Is Vicks Vapor Bad For Dogs

When talking about humans, there is not really anything wrong with Vicks Vaposteam.

In fact, studies are quite clear that the ingredients in this product are quite effective for humans trying to get relief from the flu.

However, the key is that it is designed for humans.

These same ingredients can wreak havoc on your dog.

While Vicks Vaposteam can help humans recover quite quickly from congestion, the same is not true for your dog.

There may be some medications in production today that are completely safe for humans and pets, but Vicks Vaposteam is not one of them.

As such, it is important to understand the danger associated with your dog inhaling Vicks Vaposteam.

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What Are the Harmful Effects of Vicks Vaposteam on Dogs?

Is Vicks Vapor Bad For Dogs

There are actually quite a few reasons why Vicks Vaposteam can be extremely dangerous for your dog.

It all has to do with the toxicity of various ingredients in the product.

  • Toxins are absorbed through the dog’s skin – When this happens, the toxins can make their way into the bloodstream. This is very dangerous and must be avoided at all costs.
  • Toxins get into the body through scratches on the skin – Dogs are constantly scratching themselves. Their skin is also susceptible to all types of tears, given their propensity to run outside and encounter trees, bushes, and other items. As a consequence, it is quite easy for the toxins from Vicks Vaposteam to get into those cuts and make their way into the bloodstream once again.
  • Dogs may lick the oil from Vicks – If you haven’t noticed, dogs will lick and attempt to eat just about anything. Before you can tell them to stop, the damage will already be done.
  • Any of these three things can cause great harm to your dog.

    While humans know the limitations of Vicks, dogs do not.

    We can keep ourselves from ingesting the harmful toxins or putting it on our broken skin, but dogs have no such knowledge.

    Therefore, we must do our part to keep them safe by minimizing their contact with products such as Vicks Vaposteam.

    Is Vicks vaposteam safe for pets to inhale?

    So far we have established that camphor is harmful to your cat and dog when ingested or comes into contact with the skin.

    What about inhaling the steam from a Vicks vaposteam?

    Is Vicks vaporizer safe for cats?

    There has been a lot of debate on whether your cat should inhale vaposteam.

    Some people believe that Vicks vaporizer is safe for cats when inhaled but not ingested.

    But some pet parents have reported that their cats developed side effects from inhaling vaposteam.

    Monitor your cat’s reaction whenever you are using a Vicks vaporizer or Vicks humidifier.

    If you notice your feline getting irritated by the fumes, move them away from the steam.

    Alternatively, always use your Vicks vaporizer or humidifier in a separate room away from your cat.


    Is it okay for dogs to smell Vicks?

    The smell of Vicks is a strong smell coming from the use of camphor, menthol, and eucalyptus oil. All these chemicals and oils are toxic to dogs. Vicks is used for treating nasal congestion and other ailments in humans.

    Can I use Vicks Vaposteam around my dog?

    Never use essential oils or products like Vicks Vaposteam with the humidifier, as these can irritate your pet’s eyes, nose, and skin. Some oils are even toxic for pets. Certain oils can be fatal when ingested and even cause severe complications if inhaled over some time.

    Will Vicks Vapor humidifier hurt my dog?

    Yes – humidifiers can be safe for dogs depending on the situation. For instance, the mist created by a humidifier should be fine for your dog since they filter out unhealthy bacteria. It’s only unsafe when your humidifier is placed where your dog can reach it.