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Wondrous, bittersweet, funny, edgy animated canine story.

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The parents guide to whats in this movie.

Isle of Dogs Rating & Content Info

Why is Isle of Dogs rated PG-13? Isle of Dogs is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for thematic elements and violent s

Violence: This animated movie contains non-graphic and mildly explicit violence throughout, including depictions of decapitation, weapons use (swords, Tasers, nets, mechanical dogs) explosions and riots (protesters throw things at other people). Animals are abused and tortured during lab tests, caged, forced to eat rotting garbage, and treated cruelly by humans. Dogs growl, bite and get into fights with each other and with humans. One dog bites off the ear of another, and the dismembered ear is taken away by rats. A dog disease causes the animals to have open sores, and become lethargic or aggressive. Dogs fight for food: some starve to death (skeletons are shown), others resort to cannibalism (discussed but not shown). An airplane crash leaves a boy unconscious and injured: blood is shown when a piece of shrapnel is removed from his head. Other cuts, injuries, bruises, and a full body cast, are shown. Characters are chased, captured, bound and taken captive. Some people are threatened and murdered by corrupt government officials and their minions. The public is told these acts are suicide. Suicide is also mentioned by despairing characters. A human corpse is shown. Medical procedures and surgery are depicted with detail. A train crash is mentioned. Animals and people are intentionally subjected to poison, infectious illnesses and wrongful imprisonment. Characters cry over the loss of family members, pets and masters. A gas is used to euthanize. A cook butchers and cuts up a fish, crab and octopus. Characters are trapped in an incinerating machine, others fall into a fast-flowing stream of water. A character illegally hacks computer systems.

Sexual Content: A dog vomits. A sexy-looking female dog is shown. Dogs discuss mating and being in heat. A man’s bare shoulders are seen while he is in bathtub, and when he gets out his bare buttocks are exposed. Some mild sexual innuendo is heard. A human female wears a short skirt, and a male human is seen shirtless. A pregnant dog goes into labor. Characters embrace.

Profanity: A word for a female dog is used in its proper context and as an expletive. Two mild swear words, an anatomical slang and name-calling are heard. A geological formation is called a “middle finger”.

Alcohol / Drug Use: Characters toast after a scientific achievement. A sorrowful woman drinks alcohol in a bar setting. Dogs drink brandy for fortification.

The people who live in this Japanize city are easily lead and mislead by their Mayor and other officials. Why do you think they are so trusting of the information they are given? Can media in the real world be manipulated too? How can you tell what is accurate and what is propaganda?

Atari is the only master who comes to rescue his dog. Why do you think he is the only one? Is he more loyal? Is he less afraid of the consequences of going to Trash Island? What other people eventually support his fight? What do you think of these teenaged protesters? How are they like, or different, than youth in the real world?

Isle of Dogs is opening in limited release on March 23, 2018.


Why is Isle of Dogs PG-13?

This movie is suitable for some pre-teens, young teenagers and older viewers. Older children and their parents are likely to enjoy this movie, which has had many favourable reviews. But its violence and themes make it too scary for younger children. We also recommend parental guidance for children aged 10-13 years.

Is Isle of Dogs dark?

Fox.” The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has officially given “Isle of Dogs” a PG-13 rating for “thematic elements and violent images.” “Fantastic Mr. Fox” was rated PG when it was released in 2009. “Isle of Dogs” is set in the fake Japanese city of Megasaki.