Jas Leverette Dog Breed

Jas is married to Nouhaila Leverette, they have a son, Jasir and a daughter, Nailah. His personal dogs include Dutch shepherds, Belgian Malinois, and a bully.


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Canine Intervention will also detail Jas life when he is not training. Jas is married to Nouhaila and they have a one-year-old son named Jasir. You can catch Canine Intervention on Netflix on February 24.

So how did Leverette get into the world of dog training? Well, Cesar Milan may be the Dog Whisperer but Leverette seems to be a horse and dog whisperer rolled into one. Leverette interestingly got his start in animal training by training horses. He then went on to train hundreds of dogs including family companion dogs, sport dogs, service dogs and dogs in the field of law enforcement as well as their handlers. Leverette also seems to have helped celebrities with their dogs, including Kevin Hart.

According to Netflix, “No dog, no breed, no behavior is unfixable for Cali K9s Jas Leverette.” So who exactly is Jas Leverette and can he be considered top dog when it comes to canines despite the criticism?

In spite of the criticism coming forward, however, Netflix seems to be sticking to its February 24 release.

They say a dog is mans best friend but could Jas Leverette, the star of Netflixs Canine Intervention be the best friend every dog needs? Well, the jury is still out on this one, with the star of Netflixs Canine Intervention already coming under fire for his training methods.


What kind of dog does Jas have on Canine Intervention?

So, who is Jas Leverette? Fronting the show is Jas, a dog trainer who works at California K9 Solutions to help owners fix their pet’s obedience and behavioural issues. One of the dogs seen on Netflix’s Canine Intervention is a rebellious pit bull puppy, with Jas helping its owners to control his dominant energy.

Is Jas leverette a good dog trainer?

Jas Leverette and Cali K9® have been voted Best Dog Trainer by readers in Metro’s Best of Silicon Valley every year since 2012!

How much does Canine Intervention cost?

You can get access to Leverette’s Obedience Fundamentals for the introductory price of $247, or you can get a phone evaluation with a trainer for $25 per dog.

How much are Gold Coast K9 dogs?

starting at $30,000.00. Our beautiful and highly trained dogs range in price based on their overall capabilities, training, socialization, and Gold Coast K9 certification.