Jas Leverette Dog Trainer Cost

By now, you know there is a reality television show for everything. Growing up, many of us would never have guessed we’d be watching people have interventions with dogs, yet here we are in 2021 doing just that. Jas Leverette is the man from “Canine Intervention,” and he spends his time making sure that dogs know what to do, when to do it, and how to behave. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it. Additionally, he’s good at it, and he’s got people all over the country clamoring to learn more about who he is when he’s not dog training his canine companions.

Jas Leverette is the man who owns Cali K9. It’s a company that specializes in dog training, and it’s one of the best in California. He’s proud of the fact that he can say that about his business. He’s worked hard to get where he is today with the company, and to have it showcased on a Netflix series is a dream come true.

This NorCal dog trainer is locally famous. He’s known for being the guy dog owners seek out when they have extreme situations. He works with the most exceptionally bad behavior problem animals, and he helps them learn to behave.

We aren’t sure when his birthday falls during the year, but we know he is 37. He’s a man who has a lot going on in his life, and he’s accomplished a lot at this age. He has a long time to go, but he’s not doing poorly for himself by any means. It’s been estimated his net worth is just under a half-million dollars.

We aren’t sure how he got into dog training, but we do know that he’s a smart man. He went to college at a very specialized institution, and he studied something most of us would never dream of trying to figure out. He studied aeronautics.

When he wasn’t studying one of the most difficult concepts we can imagine, he was busy playing football. He was part of the Oakland Dynamites. He’s exceptionally athletic, which plays well into his chosen career path as a dog trainer. We imagine it takes a lot of physical work to train animals with such extreme behavior issues, and he certainly fits the bill.

He’s a married man, and has been for approximately 3.5 years. He married his wife, Nouhaila, in July of 2017. Together, they have a little boy whose name is Jasir. They honeymooned in the Maldives, and she is said to be just as athletic and interested in animals as he.

How much does Jas Leverette charge? Jas’ dog training business offers a range of dog training packages. The online training is the cheapest, at a cost of $297. To get an on/off leash package, which includes eight semi-private or private sessions, agility training, and more, it costs $1,497.

He’s Finding People Aren’t Happy With Him

He is said to specialize in the most extreme cases, and it seems that some people are not happy with his methods. The level of training he uses to make sure that these dogs can handle what’s being through at them is a lot, and some people are calling for the show to be cancelled because they don’t like it. Of course, asking for something to be cancelled because you don’t like it is the trendiest thing to do in the 2020/2021 era.

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Netflix’s new binge-worthy makeover show is Canine Intervention, a show that transforms problem pooches into everyone’s best friends. The series stars Jas Leverette, a dog behaviorist who believes every dog deserves to have their day—and you better believe he puts the work in to make that happen. On Canine Intervention, he takes on some of the most troubled dogs of his career, and then he works his magic.

But who is Jas Leverette and, more importantly, where can you learn more about Cali K9 Solutions? Here’s everything you need to know about this superstar dog trainer, his booming business, and his social media presence—because your Instagram feed can never have too many dogs.

Who is Jas Leverette on Canine Intervention?

Jas Leverette is a professional dog trainer and the founder of Cali K9, a dog obedience school and pet wellness center based in San Jose, California. Leverette grew up in Oakland, where he got his start working with horses and training them before becoming a dog trainer. Over the past decade, his business has grown to include celebrity clients like NBA star Steph Curry and a popular YouTube channel. As a dog behaviorist, Leverette specializes in being able to determine a dog’s unique temperament and customize a training regimen that will work for them. And on Netflix’s Canine Intervention, Leverette is regularly called upon to help dogs who have no option but to kick their biting habits.


Is Jas Leverette a good dog trainer?

Jas Leverette and Cali K9® have been voted Best Dog Trainer by readers in Metro’s Best of Silicon Valley every year since 2012!

How much does canine intervention cost?

You can get access to Leverette’s Obedience Fundamentals for the introductory price of $247, or you can get a phone evaluation with a trainer for $25 per dog.

Who is the richest dog trainer in the world?

The Zen Dog does private dog training sessions. The first in-home session typically lasts between 2.5 and three hours. It costs $400 but it’s lowered to $30 if your pet is an adopted or rescue dog. You can include more dogs for $50 each.

How much does the Zen dog charge?

The Zen Dog does private dog training sessions. The first in-home session typically lasts between 2.5 and three hours. It costs $400 but it’s lowered to $30 if your pet is an adopted or rescue dog. You can include more dogs for $50 each.