Kirkland Wet Dog Food Recall

To date, Kirkland has only had two recalls on dog food, and both instances were found to have no cases of the potential contamination outbreak.

Is Purina dog food on the recall list?

There have been recalls on Purina’s dog food in previous years, but none recently. The last Purina dog chow recall was in March 2016.

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  • Does Costco have a recall on dog food?

    Kirkland-based Costco has announced the recall of one of its pet foods after the manufacturer announced that it contained rice protein that may be contaminated.


    Is Kirkland dog food safe for dogs?

    Recalls of Kirkland Dog Food

    In 2012 seven of their formulas were voluntarily recalled by Diamond Pet Foods for possible salmonella contamination.

    Who makes Costco’s Kirkland dog food?

    The Kirkland brand dog food formulas meet all of the required nutrient profiles for dogs at all stages of life. They also include a wide variety of ingredients and do not use any dog food fillers such as wheat, soy, or corn.

    What brand of dog food is being recalled 2021?

    Q: Where are the Kirkland Signature Pet Foods made? A: All of the dry foods are made by Diamond Pet Foods in five company owned manufacturing facilities, all in the United States. Two are located in Arkansas, California, one in Missouri and one in South Carolina.