Lady And The Tramp Neighbor Dogs

In spite of his size, Jock is a fearless protector, and will go to great lengths to protect the ones he care about. Three instances of this can be seen, where he threatens to attack Tramp, a dog twice his size, if he continues to “harass” Lady, and lastly when he risks his life to stop the dogcatchers wagon from taking Tramp to the pound, as a way of repaying the mutt for mistreating him early on in the film; showing hes an honorable dog that isnt afraid to admit mistakes.

Jock reappears in the sequel alongside Trusty as they watch happily while Lady, Tramp and their family pass through during a stroll. They later appear after Scamp ran off and the news is brought to their attention by Annette, Collette and Danielle. Jock joins Lady, Trusty and Tramp as they search for Scamp. Jock and Trusty continue to search and are eventually reunited with Scamp and join the family as they welcome Angel to the family.

Jock and Trusty rush to the dogcatchers vehicle and attempt to stop it. Although they do, Trusty is apparently killed by the crash. Jock attempts to help but it seems there is no use. Jock then howls and mourns for his seemingly departed friend. That Christmas, Jock joins Lady along with her husband Tramp and four puppies. Despite Scamp, Ladys only son, tearing up his plaid sweater, he remains calm and congratulates Lady and Tramp on their kids, also noting Tramps collar. As for Trusty, it seems it was only a broken leg and attends the Christmas celebration as well.

He is notably the best friend of his neighbor, Trusty who, like Lady, he treats like a relative, along the lines of a brother. The two get along fine, but with Trustys bumbling ways and Jocks occasional aggression, they sometimes clash, though they never let it tamper their friendship for long, if at all.

Jock makes a handful of cameos in House of Mouse. Jocks most notable appearance is in “Pluto Saves the Day”, where he joins an all-dog band singing “Everybody Wants to Be a Woof”. Later in that same episode, he is seen with the other Pet Shop Dogs fighting off Pete (whos disguised as Snow White) and then chasing him out along with the rest of the dogs and Pluto.

Tropes this Disney classic provides examples of:

  • Make-Out Point: Seen at the end of the “Bella Notte” scene, complete with couples snuggling in carriages.
  • 7. Several other characters went through name changes: cats Si and Am were first dubbed Nip and Tuck, and their owner, once, a somewhat sinister mother-in-law called Mumsie became Aunt Sarah. As for Ladys owners, Jim Dear and Darling, they were originally referred to as Mr. and Mrs. Fred. 8. Among the roles from that original scrip that went to the birds, so to speak: the familys canary, Trilby, and a neighbors duck. 6 / 9Walt Disney Productions/Entertainment Pictures via ZUMA Press

    2. He was also the softy behind the sweet scene of Jim Dear gifting wife Darling with Lady. Having made the hard sell for them to get a family pet, Walt had convinced his bride a Chow Chow was the dog for them. The very next day, the Mouse House founder went out and selected his new furry friend, keeping the purchase under wraps until the holidays. “On Christmas Eve I picked my chow up from the dog kennel and I took it over, kept it in a big hat box. I got a big ribbon on it,” Walt recounted of his gift. “When the time came, I went over and put the little puppy in the hat box, tied it up with a ribbon. So, my wife didnt see me bring it in. My niece went over and she said, Oh, it says to Lilly from Santy Claus! So, she brought this big hat box over and put it in front of my wife. And my wife said, Oh, Walt! You didnt?! She didnt know I bought a dog. She thought I bought her a hat! So, she started to open it and it moved. When she opened it this little chow stuck its head out. And from that time on, that was her baby.” 3 / 9Walt Disney Productions

    9. The flicks most iconic scene was almost left on the cutting room floor with Walt feeling the shared spaghetti moment might be pushing the animals-with-human-emotions boundaries. “Walt wasnt convinced that that would be a very clean-cut scene,” former studio archivist and a curator for the official Disney fan club D23 Steven Vagnini told Yahoo Movies. “As you can imagine, if you have two pets and they eat a plate of spaghetti, its hard to envision that being too graceful.” Thankfully directing animator Frank Thomas came up with the right recipe to save it. 10. In a sign of just how far technology has advanced, the original press release for the film touted the use of two million rough and finished drawings by more than 150 Disney artists and animators. The phrase working like a dog comes to mind… 7 / 9 Moviestore Collection/Shutterstock

    13. Last years live-action version featured Tessa Thompson, Justin Theroux and Therouxs beloved rescue pit bull Kuma. “You blink, you might miss her, but shes in the pound scene,” the actor shared on Good Morning America. 14. With Walt a big fan of leaving Easter eggs for Disney fans, Lady and Tramp both make an appearance outside on a London street in 1961s One Hundred and One Dalmations. Good to know their romance wasnt simply young puppy love.

    11. In her 1989 autobiography, Miss Peggy Lee, jazz singer Lee, who supplied the voices of cats Si and Am, dog owner Darling and Peg, a female dog at the pound and wrote the lyrics for many of the original songs, revealed she pocketed $250 a day for the film—totaling $3,500 across three years of work. She later sued for royalties when she discovered her voice was used on video tapes, technology that didnt exist back in the 50s. Following a lengthy legal battle, she was awarded $2.3 million. 8 / 9Disney/Pixar


    What kind of dog is Jock?

    Lady enjoys a joyful life with the couple and befriends two local neighborhood dogs, a Scottish terrier named Jock, and a bloodhound named Trusty.

    Is Jock from Lady and the Tramp a boy?

    Jock is a major character in Disney’s 1955 animated feature film, Lady and the Tramp, and a supporting character in the 2001 sequel Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp’s Adventure. He is an irritable Scottish terrier who is the best friend of Trusty, a bloodhound, close friend of Lady, and later on, Tramp.