Largest Rottweiler On Record

“They are very protective of their owners and will fight to the death if they feel that the owner is at risk.”

The biggest Rottweiler in history was also a German Shepherd and the family that owned it wanted her to have a show debut and didn’t want her to be bred to anyone else. The biggest in the world is not a show dog and would most likely have been a rescue dog or a family pet that was very friendly and not aggressive at all. If you are looking for a Rottweiler for a home or a pet then you should probably go with a German Shepherd instead of a Pug or a Labrador.

Even though there is no list of the biggest Rottweiler in history, some Rottweilers can reach close to two hundred pounds. They are bred to be big dogs and they can be dangerous if you aren’t careful. However, the largest Rottweilers were always bred to be show dogs and would never be considered for family pets.

While different breeds of dogs have been claimed to be the biggest dog in the world at different times, Rottweilers have always been at the top of the list. While some dogs are claimed to be the largest dog in the world, these giant German Rottweilers tend to be the first ones mentioned when it comes to big dog owners.

What is the biggest rottweiler?

KC doesnt keep heights. Yes KC does keep heights especially if its a large dog.

How To Take Care Of Your Roman Rottweiler?

You should take care of your dear fido by engaging them in regular physical exercises to keep them in shape, feeding them a healthy diet to meet their daily nourishment needs, and investing in dental water additives to improve their oral health.

It is important to take care of your canine buddy. Doing so will ensure that they live longer, become less susceptible to health problems, and can live up to their innate capabilities as expected.


How tall is the biggest Rottweiler?

The male Roman Rottweiler can get up to 23 inches tall, while some may grow up to the giant size of 30 inches. Contrary, the female Roman Rottweilers are not as big as the male ones. They have a height that ranges between 24 inches to a giant size of 29 inches.

What is the max weight for a Rottweiler?

How big is a Rottweiler? Rottweilers have standing heights of roughly 34” | 86 cm with males having a withers (shoulder) height of 25.5″-26″ | 65-66 cm and females with a withers height of 23.5″-24″ | 60-61 cm.