Leland Dog The Bounty Hunter

Leland Chapman may have left his familys beloved series Dog the Bounty Hunter back in 2012, but he is still following in his father Duane “Dog” Chapmans footsteps. Chapman, who like his father is a bail bondsman and bounty hunter, recently gave fans an up-close look at his day job as he was on the hunt for criminals.

In a Saturday, Oct. 2-dated photo shared to Instagram, Chapman took his 509,000 Instagram followers behind-the-scenes of his latest hunt. Although the did not show Chapman capturing a fugitive, it did show him decked out in protective gear including a bullet proof vest, his badge visible, as he approached a door. Chapman teased in the caption, “come out come out wherever you are.” The post generated plenty of comments from fans, with one person writing, “get them !!!!!” Another person wrote, “be safe and thank you for all you guys do.”

Although Chapmans post also generated plenty of remarks from those commenting on the search for Brian Laundrie, the 23-year-old boyfriend of Gabby Petito, the travel vlogger who was killed while traveling the country with her boyfriend, Chapman is not currently working on that case. While his father has been confirmed to have joined the manhunt for Laundrie, Chapman works separately from his father. After leaving Dog the Bounty Hunter in 2012, he now operates his own bail bond company, Kamaaina Bail Bonds on the Big Island of Hawaii, according to The Sun, which also reports that he runs his fathers business, Da Kine Bail Bonds, in Oahu.

In his years as a bail bondsman and bounty hunter, Chapman hasnt shied away from sharing his experiences. Back in July 2019, he sparked worry among fans after being hospitalized following the hunt for a suspect who was charged with domestic violence. During the hunt, Chapman suffered a torn ACL, though he still managed to take the suspect into custody.

Thankfully, a hunt in March of this year ended in similar success and without injury for Chapman. In March, the bounty hunter shared a photo of himself taking a suspect, who was wanted in Mississippi, into custody in Jacksonville, Florida. That post was met with congratulatory messages from followers applauding his success.

After over 200 episodes, the reality series was canceled in 2012, but that didnt mean the end of Duane and his familys bounty hunting for TV. Two spinoff shows came after the cancellation: “Dog and Beth: On the Hunt” and “Dogs Most Wanted.” A third, “Dog Unleashed,” was set to premiere in April 2021, but was canceled due to a breach of contract, per Taste of Country.

Duane “Dog” Chapman may have single-handedly brought the bounty hunting profession to the public eye thanks to his A&E reality series, “Dog the Bounty Hunter.” The series saw Duane, his often stiletto-clad wife Beth, and other members of the Chapman family hunt down fugitives mostly in Colorado and Hawaii. The series proved to be a huge success and made Duane and his signature bleached hair and shades an easily recognizable star. Variety even credited “Dog the Bounty Hunter” with steering A&E network into programming more focused on unscripted, law enforcement shows with “larger-than-life characters.”

The Chapman family has still made many headlines since the series ended. In 2019, Beth tragically died from throat cancer then, 10 months later, Duane announced his engagement to Francie Frane, per E! News. He also lent his bounty-hunting skills to the world-famous Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie case. Duanes son Leland, meanwhile, has lived a much less controversial life than his famous dad.

Duane “Dog” Chapman often enlisted the help of his sons Duane Lee, Leland, and Gary in his manhunts. Unlike his brothers, it looks like Leland is still following in his fathers footsteps as a bounty hunter, despite quitting “Dog the Bounty Hunter” in 2012 after Duane Lee was fired, per Lalate News. However, Leland made up with his father quickly — in 2013, he starred in the spin-off “Dog and Beth: On the Hunt” for several episodes and then in 2019s “Dogs Most Wanted,” according to Lelands IMDb page.

Previously in Hawaii, Leland ran Da Kine Bail Bonds, his fathers business in Oahu, and his own company, Kamaaina Bail Bonds, according to The Sun, but has since moved to Alabama and assured fans via Twitter that he was not leaving “Dog and Beth.” Hes still very much in the bounty hunting business and even revealed to Muscle & Fitness how physically demanding his job is. “Youve got to train for everything. If someone runs, youve got to chase them. We do combat training to stay on top of things,” he said. “If youre going to be in this kind of business, you need to train this way. If not, youll get outran or get your ass kicked.”

However, the tattooed pair fueled divorce rumors after Jamie posted cryptic quotes on social media. In a since-deleted Instagram story, she wrote:

Leland Chapman, son of the infamous “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Duane Lee Chapman, has a family of his own and has successfully established himself in the entertainment industry and sports.

By successfully navigating the waters of more than one professional path, he has established himself as a man of many talents. His family is well-known in the bounty hunting industry, but he has made a name for himself as a reality TV personality and a mixed martial artist.

Even though he comes from a family with a history of tracking fugitives, Lelands focus has broadened. He competed in amateur boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA) and even trained with former boxing champion Jesus “The Hawaiian Punch” Salud.

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He told ET that the injury left him feeling like he was “walking on sand.”

“When I went to kick the gate, it kind of flexed, and then it completely severed off my Achilles tendon. So it broke. Snapped it right in half,” he added.

“Two minutes before we get [to the manhunt location] they say the guy is gonna run, so we pull up on the guy. I get out of the car. I walked right to the side. I see him. He’s running, so I call the runner to try to go catch him, but he slipped and fell,” he explained.

“And right at that second, instead of opening the gate, I knew he was still right behind it, so I tried to kick it open. He was a bigger guy, [so I was hoping] the gate would hit him and knock him down so we could get him.

He resides with wife, Jamie P. Chapman whom he married in 2016 and is still working as a bail agent.