Little Rascals Petey Breed

Pete the Pup, the dog that rose to popularity in “The Little Rascals” or “Our Gang” television series, was an American pit bull terrier; the original Pete was Pal the Wonder Dog, also an American pit bull terrier. Pete the Pup was easily recognized by the ring around his eye and was sometimes referred to as “Petey” instead of Pete.

Although he was a pit bull, Pete was registered as a Staffordshire terrier by the American Kennel Club. It is said that Pete was one of the first dogs to be registered as a Staffordshire terrier by the AKC, since the organization only started using the name in 1935. Pete was also registered by the United Kennel Club as Purple Ribbon Peter.

Although several other dogs played the role of Petey, none were as beloved as Pete the Pup. He was known for his ability to respond on cue, and he developed a strong relationship with the children on the show.

Pete the Pup died of old age in 1946. He is buried in Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park in California. Pete lived to be 18 years old and was remembered by his owner, Harry Lucenay, as a dog that was playful, warm and gentle and that slept at the foot of his bed. ADVERTISEMENT

Who did Petey belong to in ‘The Little Rascals’?

The first dog to play Petey in The Little Rascals was owned and trained by Harry Lucenay.

Lucenay probably did it for sentimental reasons, and didn’t think it mattered, but audiences noticed immediately and soon learned the horrible truth about Pal, the Wonder Dog’s demise.

After the release of The Pooch on June 11, 1932, Harry Lucenay was fired by Hal Roach Studios. He left Hollywood and took Lucenay’s Pete across the country to Atlantic City were he signed autographs at the Steel Pier.

In 1938, Hal Roach sold the rights to Our Gang to MGM who proceeded to produce inferior and less well-received films for the series until ceasing production in 1944.

Lucenay’s Pete starred in the role of Petey for only two years, from 1930 until 1932, but was featured in more talking versions of Our Gang than his father, thus becoming better known after the series was syndicated to television in 1954 and renamed, The Little Rascals.

The first Petey was a UKC registered American Pit Bull Terrier named Pal, the Wonder Dog (1924-1930), who had a natural ring that nearly encircled his right eye.

How did Petey the dog die?

Little Rascals Petey Breed

Petey made his first appearance as part of Our Gang in 1929’s Lazy Days and reprised the role in that same year’s “Boxing Gloves” (which said goodbye to Joe Cobb and introduced Nathan “Chubby” Chaney), “Cat, Dog & Co.,” “Bouncing Babies,” “Saturday’s Lesson and “Moan & Groan, Inc.” But then, as it turned out, Pal the Wonder Dog died in 1930, having been poisoned, many believing by someone who was holding a grudge against Harry for some reason or another. But death did not stop Petey from continuing to act — Harry had begun breeding Pal and training his offspring.

Little Rascals Petey Breed

The second Petey, who had his ring around the left eye, made his debut in the 1930 short “Pups is Pups.” He appeared in a number of others, his final installment being 1932’s “The Pooch.” At that time, Harry and Hal Roach had a falling out for some reason and the studio’s animal trainer would recruit dogs that looked like Petey for future installments.


How many Pete the pups were there?

The original Pete (sired by “Tudor’s Black Jack”) was a UKC registered American Pit Bull Terrier named “Pal, the Wonder Dog”, and had a natural ring almost completely around his right eye; dye was used to finish it off. The second Pete was an American Staffordshire Terrier named Lucenay’s Peter.

Who does Petey belong to in The Little Rascals?

Despite what sources say about the various Petes, there were actually three main Petes in the series.