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He is best known for his role as host and trainer of the television series Lucky Dog on CBS. The 43-year-old has won two Emmy awards for his hosting work on Lucky Dog. Brandon lives bi-coastally between New York and Los Angeles.

Lucky Dog Ranch has helped hundreds of dogs.

“I started reading the statistics about the amount of dogs that are put down every year because they cant find homes — 1.5 million dogs are put down because they cant find homes,” he told Ellen DeGeneres in 2014. “And so it really set me on a different path. So I started rescuing these dogs, and I started turning them into movie stars and service dogs. These are great dogs; I just needed to give them a second chance.”

He has also worked with dogs of celebrities, including those belonging to: Andy Cohen, Ellen DeGeneres, Kate Hudson, High Hefner, Chris Hardwick, Don Cheadle, and James Caan. Article continues below advertisement

The dogs that come to Lucky Dog Ranch are completely immersed in their training, Brandon explained.

“These dogs eat, sleep, and breathe training,” he told Watch! magazine in 2019. “I compare dog training to martial arts. These dogs have to be black belts by the time they leave my ranch.” Article continues below advertisement

When Lucky Dog premiered in 2013, viewers quickly fell in love with host Brandon McMillan, who rescued “unadoptable” dogs from animals shelters across the U.S. The dog trainer then took the canines to his training facility, the Lucky Dog Ranch, where he tackled the daunting task of transforming the scared, unloved animals into the perfect companions. Its basically every dog lovers dream.

By early 2021, however, fans of the show were wondering: What happened to Brandon on Lucky Dog? Article continues below advertisement

“7 years ago I was approached by a production company that wanted to showcase my passion for saving dogs and training them for a purpose,” he captioned an Instagram photo of himself and a dog named Apollo, who started it all. “At the time I happened to be training Apollo. They were instantly sold on what I did and we began filming a couple months later. We had the best times.” Article continues below advertisement

Loyal fans of Lucky Dog were in for surprise when Season 8 debuted on Jan. 2, 2021. Thats because Brandon was nowhere to be found. Instead, two new hosts — a husband and wife team, Eric Wiese and Rashi Khanna Wiese — were featured on the Emmy-award-winning series.

Brandon continued, “I always made it a point to wear my heart on my sleeve and not hold back my emotions. Being as real as I possibly can was the most important thing for me because you the viewers know acting from reality. This was a serious show that saved the lives of hundreds of dogs. Mission accomplished. But this is not the end … its just the beginning.” Article continues below advertisement

Is Brandon McMillan animal trainer married?

Date of Birth 1977-04-29
Profession Animal Trainer
Marital Status Single
Divorced/Engaged Not Yet
Girlfriend/Dating Alanna Polcyn

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What city does Brandon McMillan live in?

Today, Brandon continues to train shelter dogs and place them with families. He was the host of the hit CBS show Lucky Dog, for 7 seasons until he left to pursue other opportunities such as founding the Argus Service Dog Foundation. He’s also the author of the book Lucky Dog Lessons: Train Your Dog in 7 Days.

Why did Brandon from Lucky Dog quit?

Personal life

McMillan lives bi-coastally between Los Angeles and New York City. He is the author of “Lucky Dog Lessons: Train Your Dog in 7 Days” (HarperCollins), which is a self-help book for dog lovers.