Mad Max As The Wrench Turns

“As the Wrench Turns” is a quest you receive from Chumbucket after reaching Gastown. This quest gives you access to “Chums Holy Wrench”. It is a necessity for improving the speed at which Chumbucket can repair the vehicle. You will have to go inside a tunnel to find the Wrench. Once you pick it up, the upgrade can be unlocked in the Garage for 100 Scrap Advertisement

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Drive to the Scavenging location marked by Chum. Inside you will find 8x Scrap and a History relic. In the next parts of the small underground you will be attacked by few groups consisting of 2-3 enemies. They arent armed, defeating them will be easy. At the end of the road you will find a single opponent and the main objective of this mission. Collecting the upgrade will unlock the ability to quickly repair the Magnum Opus vehicle.

You will unlock this mission after completing the Immortal Enemy story mission and going to Deep Friahs Temple.


How do you get a chumbucket wrench?

You have to do a mission quest first, then you can upgrade him under “Garage” in your “Menu”. You have to get to Friahs stronghold first, chum will mention he has some parts stashed near Gastown. Run in, beat up maybe 8 scavangers, grab a sacred wrench and it will unlock.

How many story missions are in Mad Max?

Just finished it a minute ago. 15.

Where is As the Wrench Turns Mad Max?

CCC: Mad Max Guide/ Walkthrough – WM10 – As The Wrench Turns. The edge is located on the Southern wall of Gastown. Follow the trail amongst and over the scrap piles on the outskirts of the settlement to reach the marker showing the broken pipe which acts as your entrance.