Marie And Will Wentworth

The original Marie Winter was all round loathed when she made her debut in Wentworth all that time ago. And yet, fans have started to feel complex feelings for the ruthless yet human character as the show has explored her vulnerabilities and her need to be a mother figure.

Marie wanted to engineer the death of Lou so she could protect Allie and Reb but now that Reb has ended up dead, she is in shock and grief.

And actress Susie Porter joined to discuss the exploration of a potential redemption for her complicated alter ego – as well as revealing a surprising new bond after Reb’s death.

Season 8[]

In episode Marie is still in isolation following the siege and is let out for an airing, and is then moved to the protection unit which Marie does not like. Jake who escorts her to protection says she should “fit right in.” Marie meets Reb and the two begin talking after an inmate is bashed, Marie asks if Reb is ok, Reb asks what happened and Marie says the inmate stole a stash which is what you dont do, and you dont lag either, Marie also asks Reb for a favour and asks him to kill Ruby for her. Marie speaks with her new lawyer and he says the prosecution is willing to drop the siege related charges for Maries evidence against the Attorney General.

In episode two. Marie meets with her lawyer who informs her, that her case with Michael Heston died with him, and Marie is now facing life behind bars and is being made the siege scapegoat due to the fact Heston had died, and Rita used her evidence against her. Marie learns from Linda that Ruby is due for parole soon unlike her. Marie later talks with Vera and says that she will make Wills life hell. Marie later tells the police that Ruby killed Danny, but this falls on deaf ears as Ruby gets protected by Will and Vera who risk their careers for Rita. Marie talks with Will who tells her she destroyed everyone including her son. Marie at her ropes end, goes to the protection unit gym and strangles herself with weights, Will performs CPR on Marie and she survives.

In episode three Marie is returned to Wentworth and Marie speaks with Dr Miller about her experience, where she says she had failed as a mother and to even take her own life. Marie is later given a sedative in where she sees her son Danny. Marie after speaking some more with Dr Miller retracts her police statement about Ruby.

In episode four Marie is informed that the protection unit is to be closed down, but she refuses to believe it includes her. When she is placed back into the general population, the general prison does not take it well. Marie is attacked in the dining room by Mon and Allie tells her that she will kill her if she goes near Ruby. Marie later talks with Allie but Allie tells Marie that she will let the women come for her. Marie later fails to keep her end of the bargain for Rebs deal, so Lou goes to attack Ruby, but Marie finds out from Reb, and races off to the showers as it will look like Marie attacked Ruby. Marie is later punched in the yard by Allie.

In episode five Marie is transferred from H block to J block where Lou and Reb are placed as it was the only unit with prisoners that werent involved in the siege. Lou decides that they are going to team up and Marie realises that she doesnt have much of a choice but to comply. Marie tries to befriend Reb several times but he isnt interested in her efforts.

In episode six Marie suggests to Lou that she could start selling LSD and that she could get it in for her as she has the outside contacts. She saves Reb from Cynthia when she tries to rape him. Later Marie gets a visit from Basra regarding setting up the LSD deal. She comforts Reb after his attack and says the he reminds her of her own son. Allie attacks Marie because she thinks that Marie has something to do with Rubys disappearance which she hasnt.

In episode seven the LSD is delivered by mail and Marie suggests a 60 – 40 cut between her and Lou Kelly. She offers to split her 40 with Reb. Later she goes and befriends Joan Ferguson who is newly released from the psych unit.

In episode eight Marie asks Lou to leave Joan alone when she is pushing her to give rat poison to Dr Miller in his tea, during the riot in the laundry Marie stands unimpressed by the actions of Lou. Later Marie catches Joan about to drink the rat poison herself but is talked out of it by Marie. Marie then keeps the bottle of rat poison. After Lou is slotted she comforts Reb and asks Reb about the cult that she was in, Reb reveals as much as he does.

in episode nine Marie convinces Reb to go back to Dr Miller and Reb does so successfully, Reb later talks with Marie in the yard and he thanks Marie for telling him to do it.

In episode ten Marie and Sheila have a conversation where they both agree that Lou has too much influence on Reb. When Lou is bashing Allie for supposedly stealing her phone and money Marie presses the alarm button. When Lou confronts Marie about this she says that she did it because of Reb. Marie says that Lou is ruining Rebs chances of transitioning if Allie would have died. Reb screams at Marie that she is not his mother and that he is not her son. Marie meets with Will regarding Allies bashing but she claims that she didnt see anything. Marie later tells Allie that Lou is barking mad and that she means business regarding the missing phone.

Time at Wentworth[]

Marie arrives at Wentworth on remand for her trial pending assault and reckless infliction of grievous bodily harm. Her victim was the doctor who tended to her son after he was attacked for raping a woman. He told her that her son Danny was braindead, so she should stop life support and let him succumb to his injuries.

She serves as the secondary antagonist of the first half of Season 6 and the main antagonist in the second half and season 7. Maries lawyer tells her the man that she assaulted died when he was walking his dog. Maries parole is then stopped.

Marie returns in S7 with nothing to lose due to her parole being cancelled. During the two months leading to Season 7 from the Season 6 finale, Marie has built herself a crew and has managed to bring Allie Novak back onto her side, ultimately turning her against Kaz Proctor.

While Marie continues her feud with Kaz, her new founded friend turned enemy Rita Connors is released from isolation after killing her hench woman Drago. Season 7 is focused on their showdown. Will Jackson sees her at night sometimes.

A lot of what Marie does is born of protection. When she attaches herself to someone, especially someone younger, she would do anything for them. Is this her main motive on trying to bring down Lou Kelly?

Absolutely. Marie’s idea is that Lou Kelly, it’s just going to end in tears with her.

I think it’s that thing of going: ‘That can’t happen to Reb. I’m in here for the rest of my life, but I can help Reb. And that she almost sees him as a son-like figure, and if he was under her care and attention he would flourish and leave prison and have the life he wanted. But with Lou it would end in tears!


Does Vera find out about Will and Marie?

Vera in turn discovers evidence of Will’s affair with Marie. After convincing her psychiatrist Greg to give her controversial medicine in breach of the rules, Liz reconciles with her estranged son Artie. Boomer is cleared of the shoplifting charges, making her eligible for parole.

Who kills Marie on Wentworth?

However, following Ruby to get the phone brought Marie into a trap set by Lou, and while she saved Ruby, she bore the brunt, with Lou fatally stabbing her with a kitchen knife. And things become more tragic when Will Jackson (Robbie Magasiva), Marie’s one-time lover, sees her body and can’t help shedding a tear.

What episode does Vera find out about Will and Marie?

Marie takes the path to redemption by protecting her son’s killer Ruby Mitchell from being attacked by Lou Kelly’s cronies, Marie is tragically stabbed in the chest by Lou as revenge for Reb’s death.