Mini Walrus Shar Pei Beagle

Mini Walrus (Shar-Pei/Beagle) Puppies Who Found Loving Homes

Mini Walrus Shar Pei Beagle

We love spoiling our pups and throwing them a small treat here and there but some foods should never be shared with your pup. The reason being is that dogs and humans metabolize foods differently which is why some foods are safe for humans to eat but may be toxic and potentially deadly for dogs. Figuring out which foods are safe versus unsafe can be confu…

Our pups’ desire for mental stimulation is just as strong as it is for physical stimulation. For many dog owners, our 9:00 — 5:00 job prevents us from spending forty-plus hours a week with our pup. Over the course of one year, that’s over 2,000 hours. Imagine being home alone with no one to talk to or interact with for that long? That is…

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When we think of a working dog, we may envision a dog in the 1800s pulling a cart or herding sheep. s of a Dalmatian sitting in the back of a firetruck may also cross our minds. Below are some of the more common yet impressive jobs our pups do to keep us safe. Most Common Types of Jobs Police Dogs / K9 Units: For generations, man’s best friend …

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Though the sharp eagles are caring and affectionate, they are otherwise a bit of an aggressive-natured canine. They would bark at the very sight of anything strange or suspicious to alert their family members, which make them a good watchdog.

The sharp eagles are playful and active that show lots of energy. They get along well with children and other pets, including dogs. These dogs tend to prefer larger dogs, but would also do well with the smaller ones, provided they are socialized properly. They are much fond of their owners and their families in return of a little attention. In fact, not just owners, once their primary introduction with your guests is over, they would enjoy spending time around them.

These canids are not much comfortable with the idea of being left alone or outside for long hours, which might develop a whining nature in them. The Sharp eagle dogs at times show obstinate behavior, especially when they get a scent of something. This is the reason why it would not be wise to let them loose, off their leash, when they are outdoors. They are not much comfortable in warm climate.

The sharp eagles are smart, inquisitive dogs. In general, they would pick up training very fast. Just that, at times, they need their own time and your patience before they act on it. But do remember that, in order to control the inborn stubbornness and the frequent aggressive attitude of your dog, early obedience training is very important. Do not delay beginning your dog’s training soon after you adopt it from the breeder or some rescue.

Give it proper socialization training, and all the etiquette a pet dog must abide by. Be firm (but never rude) and assert yourself as the leader of its pack with a proper attitude. Give them housebreaking, crate trainings simultaneously. But they love your attention and are always eager to please you. So, do praise and pat them with every success they make. Positive reinforcement is the key to find success in training this canine easily.

General dog diet, consisting of all the vital nutrients an energetic dog of its size would need, is recommended. Never compromise with the quality of your dog’s food.