Miniature Walrus Dog Breed

The Walrus dog breed is exceptional. It is a mixture of two dog breeds, namely, Shar Pei and Basset Hound. Shar-Pei originated in China, and Basset Hound originated in France. The mix of these two breeds: Walrus originated in America. The other names of this dog breed are Ba-Shar and Sharp Asset.

Today, we have brought this post to provide you with information about Walrus Dog in detail so that you can decide whether this dog is suitable for you or not. We will have a look at their personality traits, look at how one can groom it, get an idea about how to train them and finally have a look at their pros and cons.

Grooming this dog is not a big task; it is amicable. Have a look at the below points that you should keep in mind.

The traits of both the parent breeds are exactly opposite, so you will be required to provide extensive training to this dog breed to make them active.

Just follow the above points and train them correctly, we know it is tough for you but keep going, and the results will be more than apparent. You can watch training videos on the internet and consult a good trainer to get some useful guidance too.

Watching videos will show you the practical training sessions, and you can get an idea from them. After training them, they will safeguard your house very well and protect it from thieves by staying alert.

So, here was a detailed article on Walrus dog breed, their characteristics, personality traits, grooming, and training. If you are planning to get a dog for you, then you can plan to get the walrus dog. Search for them in nearby pet shops and bring them home to have a new loyal friend. Stay tuned to petsnurturing to get such informative pet articles regularly!

Walrus Dog – Shar Pei Basset Hound Mix Temperament

Basset Hounds are known to be intelligent, loyal, and fairly laid-back.

Relaxed at home, they become extremely focused when exploring new surroundings, due to their superior scenting abilities.

Shar Pei are independent, intelligent, and loyal.

This dog can be wary of strangers and other dogs, and may exhibit aggression if poorly socialized.

Also, Shar Pei can be stubborn.

Therefore, a Walrus Dog will likely be a loyal, protective companion. Generally good with children, this mix could make a great family pet.

However, Walrus Dogs may be standoffish with strangers, and are likely to chase small animals.

As a result it’s very important training and socialization begin early.

Walrus Dogs may be prone to separation anxiety, and may howl to express discomfort.

Shar Pei Basset Hound Mix Health

With both parent breeds at risk of health problems, unfortunately, Walrus Dogs can also experience medical issues.

Parent breeds should be tested for certain conditions.

Basset Hounds should have an ophthalmology examination, a gonioscopy, and thrombopathia testing.

It is recommended that Shar Pei have a hip, elbow and patella evaluation. They should also have a thyroid assessment and ophthalmology examination.

Walrus Dogs may also develop bacterial skin infections as moisture collects between folds of skin. Infection can spread easily to ears or eyes.

Brush your Walrus Dog twice a week. Also, make sure his eyes, ears, and skin are checked regularly.

Care should be taken to ensure treats come from your pup’s daily food allowance to reduce the risk of him becoming overweight.You

You can expect Walrus Dogs in good health to live approximately 8-10 years.

Finding a Walrus Dog – Shar Pei Basset Hound Mix puppy

If you intend to buy a Walrus puppy, it’s important to locate a reputable breeder who can provide evidence of the health history of breeding pairs. This is due to the incidence of inherited disorders in both parent breeds.

Pet stores are not a good place to buy puppies.

Many obtain dogs from puppy mills. Conditions and breeding practices in such mills are often poor, leading to suffering and potentially immune-compromised pups.


What is a Walrus dog mixed with?

Walrus, also known as Ba-Shar, is not a purebred dog. This cute little guy/girl is a mix of Basset Hound and Chinese Shar-Pei. And that’s what makes it hard to pinpoint its temperament. You see, it’s easy to talk about purebred dogs.

What are Walrus puppies?

Ba-Shar (Basset Hound & Shar-Pei Mix): Info, Pictures, Care & More! Ba Shar dogs, also popularly known as Walrus dogs, are a cross between the floppy-eared Basset Hound and the wrinkly-faced Shar-Pei.

How big do Walrus dogs get?

Puppies born with anasarca are commonly called walrus puppies, swimmer puppies, rubber puppies or water puppies. This is because they are born with a deadly amount of fluid underneath their skin. There is still not enough research done to truly understand why puppies are born with the condition.