Mountain Cur Pit Mix

Key Takeaways

In this section, I like to summarize my article for you. This will give you the key points of the article and the most important information you should take from it.

  • The Mountain Cur Pitbull mix is a wonderful mixed dog breed that combines the Mountain Cur and the Pitbull.
  • Both of these parent dog breeds look similar. You should expect your mix to look quite muscular with a medium-length snout and small ears.
  • The coat will be very short and not need much maintenance. However, you will still want to watch out for rashes or skin irritation that the Pitbull parent can sometimes struggle with.
  • This breed doesn’t have many health problems but will have some minor concerns that you will need to be aware of.
  • If your dog is healthy, it can live quite a long life. Always take your dog in for regular checkups to ensure your dog is healthy.
  • The Cur Pitbull mix needs around two hours of exercise each day. Without the proper exercise, that could lead to bad behavior around the home.
  • Make sure you are feeding your dog based on its weight. Also, choose a dog food that has a significant source of protein.
  • Grooming will be easy as the coat of this mix is short and easy to manage. Bathing can be done once a month unless your dog is absolutely filthy, then you can do more.
  • Like with all dogs, training should be started when your dog is a puppy. This is one of the best times because your dog’s brain is growing and developing and capable of learning so much at a young age.
  • Puppies should always be purchased from a reputable breeder that can provide proof of healthy parents.
  • Mountain Cur Pitbull Mix Litter Size

    Litter size is another thing that is very hard to determine in mixed breed dogs. The Litter size of a Mountain Cur is between three to eight puppies. The American Pitbull Terrier is around five to ten puppies.

    With this information, you can infer that your Mountain Cur Pitbull mix will have between three to ten puppies. Of course, all dogs are different, and litter size does vary when it comes to mixed-breed dogs. Now your vet can actually do an ultrasound on your pregnant dog and can give you a general idea of how many puppies are in there.

    Mountain Cur Pit Mix

    Exercise Requirements:

  • You already know that the Cur Pitbull is a highly active dog. Like any other dog, the Cur Pitbull needs some daily exercise to stay fit.
  • Excessive energy should not remain in the dog as it will build up aggression, leading to the shredding of pillows, carpets, and other objects in the house.
  • Here are some activities that will help your dog in maintaining its health:
  • You can let your dog run free in a vast space that is safely enclosed. Running will improve the strength of its leg muscles.
  • It is also best if you take your dog on a walk for about an hour every day. Your dog is also a great companion for long hikes.
  • All dogs love certain games and activities like fetching or pulling a rope. Such activities not only help your dog in socializing but also improve its physical and mental state.
  • It is best if you take your dog to a park for these exercises so that it learns to get along with other people and pets and gets to socialize.
  • FAQ

    Are Mountain Curs aggressive dogs?

    If you have heard the name Pitbull Cur or Cur Pitbull, then you may be curious about the breed. This breed is a mix of the Black Mouth Cur and the Pitbull. So, what is the Pitbull and Cur mix and what are the physical, health, and behavioral attributes you can expect when you adopt one of these pups?

    Do Mountain Cur dogs make good pets?

    Are Mountain Curs aggressive? The short answer to this is no. Mountain Curs are very protective dogs, with a pack like mentality. Once welcomed into your family, they can make excellent guard dogs because they feel the need to protect you and keep you safe.