My Dog Ate A Bag Of Calming Treats

Does your dog get stressed out every time he hears a rumble of thunder? Does he bark his head off at the neighbor’s dogs across the street? You may have been tempted to purchase calming treats to help settle him down. But do calming treats for dogs really work?

Although calming treats can help in some cases, they have very specific uses and they won’t work for all dogs. Calming treats work best for minor cases of stress and anxiety that just need a little something to take the edge off. Before you buy a new bag of calming treats, learn how to use them properly with these tips.

Calming or sleep chews are easier to get our pets to eat but can cause changes in the sodium levels in the blood if eaten in excess. If sodium levels are too high, symptoms including increased thirst or more severe nervous system signs such as agitation, tremors and even seizures may occur.

What is Quiet Moments Calming Aid?

Quiet Moments Calming Aid is a product for dogs. These soft chews are used to helped reduce stress and tension in dogs. In addition, the chews include ginger to help calm sensitive stomachs, along with melatonin, which aids rest and relaxation.

Along with ginger, the product also includes thiamine and L-tryptophan, which work to reduce stress and tension. The chews also contain herbs for calming including chamomile flower and passionflower. The product is said to help when dogs are afraid of fireworks, when traveling, separation anxiety, and more.

The dosage for your dog depends on their weight:

  • Dogs up to 26 lbs receive 1 soft chew
  • Dogs between 27 to 50 lbs receive 2 soft chews
  • Dogs between 51 to 99 lbs receive 4 soft chews
  • Dogs between 100 lbs and over receive 6 soft chews
  • The directions say to give your dog the chew(s) about 30 minutes before a stressful situation. You’re not supposed to exceed double the daily amount in a 12-hour period. One dose lasts up to 8 hours.

    The ingredients used in the chews are are all safe for dogs over 12 weeks of age. But what if your dog eats more of the chews than he should?

    What happens if your dog eats too many CBD treats?

    A: Most cases need no treatment, aside from symptomatic care for gastrointestinal upset if it occurs. If it’s a large dose, where the THC content might be a factor, mild sedation, urinary incontinence, hyperesthesia, and ataxia could develop, and the pet should be confined to prevent injury from misadventure.

    The Best Active Ingredients for Calming Treats for Dogs

    My Dog Ate A Bag Of Calming Treats

    These ingredients are safe for our canine companions. Theyre all natural, and they can help calm our dogs without the use of more serious drugs.


    How many calming treats can you give a dog?

    Feeding Directions

    51 – 100 lbs: 2 chews daily. Over 100 lbs: 3 chews daily. Product can be given daily or on an as-needed basis. It is safe to double or triple the dose in times of increased stress.

    What happens if you give your dog too much melatonin?

    A major overdose of melatonin might be more serious. Potential effects include incoordination, itchiness, high blood pressure, rapid heart rate, and seizures. Contact a veterinarian immediately if your dog eats a large amount of melatonin (like a whole bottle).

    Do calming treats make dogs sleepy?

    Side effects from calming treats are uncommon. Depending on the type of treat, some dogs may experience a mild sedative effect and may seem drowsy or “out of it” after taking calming treats. Other common and more concerning side effects that can occur from calming treats are vomiting and diarrhea.