My Dog Ate Lotion

Why does my dog lick me after I apply lotion? Its acommon question veterinarians are asked.

Many dogs and cats appear to like the taste of lotions (especially if the lotions are infused with enticing scents) as well as other topical products, such as over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription medications. Let’s take a look at some of the potential concerns for each group.

These products are often viewed as innocuous because they can be purchased without a prescription at your local supermarket or pharmacy. Many products approved for use in people, however, are not meant for use in pets. Though most topical, over-the-counter lotions and creams are not likely to cause serious problems for your pet, there are a few types that can be problematic. In most cases a lick or two is not likely to cause an issue, but the behavior should be discouraged.

Keep in mind that veterinarians frequently also recommend some of the more innocuous products in this group — steroid creams, triple-antibiotic ointments and salves — to treat pets. When used under the direction of your veterinarian, these products are safe, but carefully follow your vet’s instructions regarding application and discourage licking behavior.

What is in Hand Cream?

Hand cream, also called hand lotion, is used to keep the skin on our hands protected and from drying out too much. These products usually include ingredients that work to keep the skin moisturized. In fact, it’s often used after washing our hands.

Depending on the ingredients, hand cream can also help repair damaged skin. Ingredients in this type of lotion might include cocoa butter, honey, aloe vera, coconut oil, and more.

In most cases, non-medicated hand cream, which is available over the counter, doesn’t contain chemicals that are toxic to dogs. But what should you do if your dog eats some hand cream?

Is Bath and Body Works lotion poisonous to dogs?

The type of product is not really toxic, especially in small quantities like that. You could see some mild stomach upset or mouth irritation, but that is unlikely. You can try to squirt some water in her mouth to rinse it out.

Many dogs seem to enjoy the taste or smell of lotions. It could be some smell like food, so your dog likes to lick the lotion off in hopes of getting something yummy. Now, we don’t mean the lotion smells like steak or a roast turkey! Instead, your canine companion may be enticed by the fruity, flowery smells of some lotions, and may believe these must taste good if they smell so good!

Keep in mind that if your fur baby is licking off something like hand lotion, generally these won’t hurt him unless he happens to ingest a lot of the lotion. In that case, he may develop an upset stomach, vomiting and diarrhea. These will be short-lived, and your canine companion should be just fine in a day or so.

For these reasons, it’s important to curb your dog’s lotion-licking habits. If your fur baby does happen to eat a lot of lotion (from the bottle) or licks a lot of lotion off your skin, then you may want to call the vet and get their advice on what you need to do.

Is it safe for your dog to lick lotion off your skin? The answer is that it depends on the type of lotion he’s licking off.

Does your dog like to lick lotion off your skin after you put it on? Does your fur baby have a penchant for getting at your lotion bottles? Then you’ve come to the right place. This is a common problem that many pet parents have with their dogs.


What happens if your dog eats lotion?

Harmful if Ingested by Your Pets

Fluid buildup in lungs resulting in heart failure! Vomiting & lethargy are early signs. Drooling, vomiting and diarrhea. These products contain humectants and emollients which become oily when they make contact with the stomach causing various degrees of gastrointestinal distress.

Can you get sick from eating lotion?

Eating small amounts of lotion may cause minor stomach upset or there is a possibility of a loose stool. If the lotion or cream is MEDICATED, this means it contains additional ingredients that can cause more symptoms.

Is skin Cream toxic to dogs?

Steroid creams, anti-inflammatory creams, antifungal creams, prescription rosacea and psoriasis treatments, and other topical medications can be extremely dangerous if ingested by your pet. Store these products out of reach of animals and children, and do not let your pets lick your skin after you’ve applied them.