My Dog Is Jumpy After Being Spayed

If your dog has just had her spay surgery. In that case, you’re most likely wondering when you can allow her to get back to her normal daily activities, including jumping up on the couch or your bed. Here’s what you need to know!

After your dog has had her spay surgery, you’ll need to keep her from jumping for approximately 10-14 days. This is the time that the incision needs to heal properly. Jumping can cause the stitches to rip open early, and they will need to be re-done at the vet, not to mention causing more healing problems. As well, the initial 2 weeks after the surgery can leave your dog a little unsteady on her feet, so jumping can put her at risk of losing her balance and possibly falling and hurting herself.

Is it normal for my pet to be shivering or shaking a lot? This is not uncommon and can be a side effect of the anesthetic wearing off, which should resolve within 24-48 hours; or it could be anxiety. Remember, your pet does not understand he or she had surgery.

My Dog Jumped After Being Spayed

If your dog jumped a few days after being spayed, it’s most likely not too big of an issue as long as the incision isn’t bleeding and your dog isn’t showing signs of discomfort such as whining or lethargic behavior.

Stay alert and contact your vet if you notice any of the following:

  • Ripped sutures
  • Bloody discharge or redness around your dog’s spay scar
  • Lethargic behavior
  • Whining or excessive panting
  • Licking the wound
  • How long should you restrict your dog from bouncing around?

    Jumping should be restricted for at least 10-14 days after being spayed, and 28 days until activity can return to normal.

    The severity of this incident also depends on when and how your dog jumped.

    If your dog jumped right after the surgery and perhaps even fell down due to a lack of coordination, it’s probably best to call your vet.

    However, if your dog is a couple of days or even a week post-op and made a little greeting jump or jumped up on the couch, it’s usually nothing to worry about.

    Again, consult your vet if you want to be sure.

    Many dog owners report their dog happily bouncing around a couple of days after the surgery and while that may possible, it’s best not to take that gamble.

    Restrict any forms of jumping for around 14 days after the spay procedure which includes:

  • Greetings
  • Excitement jumps
  • Jumping up and down the couch
  • Reaching for a tug toy or ball
  • Playing with dogs
  • Climbing stairs
  • Just keep your dog calm, restrict the couch or any high places for a couple of days or carefully help your dog up, go on leashed walks, and provide more mental stimulation

    Mental stimulation is key to keeping your dog’s boredom at bay.

    Many high-energy canines want to get going the day after the surgery but that should be a no-go.

    That’s where mental exercise shines (i.e. puzzle games, snuffle mats, frozen Kongs).

    Climbing stairs is an issue for those living in apartments without elevators or houses with a second floor.

    Try either carrying your doggo up or letting her sleep downstairs.

    My Dog Is Jumpy After Being Spayed

    How Do I Keep My Dog From Jumping After Being Spayed?

    To stop your dog from jumping after being spayed, use a leash or crate inside the house, provide a comfortable sleeping spot on the ground, and offer mental stimulation to avoid frustration and boredom.

    Avoid overly exciting your dog or leaving toys around that entice jumping.

    With these tips, most jumping should be eliminated.

    While the leash or crate is a last resort, the other options address the root causes such as wanting to get on the couch or bouncing around due to boredom.

    How Long Will My Dog Be in Pain After a Spay Surgery?

    It’s impossible to give one answer about how long a dog will be in pain after being spayed. I’ve seen some dogs who don’t seem like they’re ever in pain from being spayed.

    I’d expect most of the post-surgical pain to be resolved within a week. But some dogs are guarded about their belly area for a couple of weeks.

    Male dogs are less likely to show obvious signs of pain after neutering. They might be a little cautious about the surgery area for a few days.

    My Dog Is Jumpy After Being Spayed


    What happens if dog is too active after spay?

    Block off any stairs up or down in the house. Block off the edge of furniture items if your dog typically jumps up without invitation. Invest in a lightweight movable/re-configurable gate structure that can be placed anywhere. Put away all toys that your dog may spontaneously play with.

    Can spaying a dog cause anxiety?

    Either way, it is very important that you limit your pet’s movements during the 7 to 10 day recovery period, as strenuous activity, such as running, jumping or playing, could disrupt the healing process and even cause the incision to become swollen or open.

    Why do dogs act weird after getting spayed?

    In fact, the studies show that spay actually increases aggression, fearfulness and anxiety in the recipient, as well as making them more difficult to train.