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Ginger is a quiet girl who loves to dream. Throughout your time in Portia, Ginger will ask you to recall some of your adventures for her.

Due to her medical condition Ginger can only leave the house at night, normally accompanied by her brother. This makes looking for her during important quests very easy!

If you’re looking for her during the week, these are the places where you can find Ginger:

Ginger can be difficult to gift because she does not receive as many Friendship Points from gifting. This makes befriending her quite a challenge.

TIP: If you speak to Ginger during or after certain events it will provide relationship points.

Like Albert, Ginger may only have two Perk levels, but she can easily be won over through working with her friendship network.

TIP: Play Dates are the best way for the player to earn Friendship Points with Ginger easily

Go ask Gale, Gust, and Russo for their approval so you can ask Ginger for her hand in marriage.

Find the dog[]

Scraps is located in the Collapsed Wasteland at the south west shore of the sunken lake. Scraps is seen near a fallen large wooden cabinet.

⁠ ⁠ Woof-woof!
⁠ ⁠ Arf!
It ran away… I should tell Polly.

Hell run off after you approach and speak to him.

Unlocking the Western Plateau

  • Assemble and Install the Lift
  • Speak to Mali
  • Time Limit


    After the Fireside meeting where Mali is introduced, she will appear outside your Workshop, asking if you can craft a Lift for her. Accept it to receive the blueprint for the Lift (youll also get the Lift Controls diagram again). All you need to do is assemble and install the lift.

    To being with, youll need to craft the Lift Controls on the Assembly Station with:

  • 6 x Iron Bar
  • 1 x Industrial Engine
  • 2 x Small Silicon Chip
  • And then craft the Lift with:

  • 1 x Lift Controls
  • 40 x Hardwood Plank
  • 20 x Iron Wooden Plank
  • 20 x Carbon Steel Bar
  • 2 x Wooden Pillar
  • 1 x Hoister
  • Install the lift and then speak to Mali to end the mission.

  • Prepare 2 x Advanced Engines
  • Enter the Ruins
  • Find the locked door
  • Install the Advanced Engines
  • Find the Switch
  • Defeat the Boss and leave
  • Time Limit


  • 5000 Exp
  • 10000 Gols
  • 1 x Travelers Shorts
  • Mali will go exploring the Western Plateau after youve installed the lift. Youll then receive a letter in the mail asking for you to give her 2 Advanced Engines. If you dont have them, purchase them from the Research Center. Head over to her with a few health and stamina items in your inventory (along with your weapon!). Youll then need to enter the Ruins to install the engines.

    Inside the Ruin, youll need to make your way past some enemies until you get to a locked door. Install the engines, and then youll need to find the switch to open the door. The switch is just down the doorway from the locked door. Flip the switch and then head into the locked room. In this room, youll find a Locator Computer that Mali will pick up.

    This will activate several traps, and some of the ruins will be blocked off. The only exit is through the hallway of moving spiked walls and flamethrowers. The exit is also blocked, forcing you into the opposite room to fight the box, Piggy-Bot 002. This boss isnt hard to kill, and drops a fair few items. Of them, sell the Compressor and Carbon Fiber, as you dont need them to complete the game.

    With the boss defeated, another switch will become useable, and this will turn off all of the traps, allowing you to leave the ruins. The mission will be completed upon leaving.

    Ask around[]

    The player can ask around to inquire about Scraps. Arlo mentions hearing barking in the Collapsed Wasteland while on patrol. Scraps will not appear in the Collapsed Wasteland before the player has received this tip from Arlo.


    How do you feed Portia scraps?

    Find the dog

    Scraps is located in the Collapsed Wasteland at the south west shore of the sunken lake. Scraps is seen near a fallen large wooden cabinet. Woof-woof!

    Where is the dog in wasteland Portia?

    Find the dog

    Look for Scraps in the Collapsed Wasteland. He can be found at the south west shore of the sunken lake outside of the ruins, eating from a large wooden cabinet fallen onto the ground. “Woof-woof!”