My Time At Portia Dog Food

This cult-favorite farming simulation game from Chinese Indie game developer, Pathea Games, has sold over 1.7 million copies globally. As you know, the game is centered on building up the fictional city-state of Portia.

Along the line, you get to benefit from the things you create, and most who have played this game will agree that it’s a very highly rewarding experience. Today, however, our topic for discussion will mostly revolve around My Time at Portia dog food, but if you want to get a complete guide you can visit here.


Dog Food can be crafted using a Blender.

Blender Blender
Station Craft time Time
Blender 30m 4 Meat 2 Flour 1 Salt

You’ll Need the Blender Diagram

My Time At Portia Dog Food

First things first, you’ll need to obtain the Blender diagram from the Research Center. You’ll need to give Petra 5 discs and wait until you get the Blender diagram.

I’m not sure if Petra gives you 5 data disc recipes in a specific order. But you’ll need to keep giving her 5 data discs and waiting 2 in-game days for a new diagram until you find the Blender.

Once you’ve learned all the 5 data disc diagrams, that option will disappear from your speech options with Petra.

If you don’t have the Blender recipe, don’t worry! There’s still plenty for you to work on while you’re waiting for the diagram.

What is it with My Time at Portia?

Well, Portia emphasizes relationship building, going on missions, development, and many more.

It’s an open post-apocalyptic world that lots of people would enjoy. In this guide, however, we’ll answer a variety of questions such as;

  • Whether you can have pets in My Time at Portia
  • Where the dog is in My Time at Portia,
  • How to make dog food in My Time at Portia, and
  • Getting a blender in My Time at Portia (MTP), etc
  • It’s about time. Let’s get started!


    How do I feed my scraps at Portia?

    3. Ingredients for Dog Food in My Time at Portia
    1. 4 Pieces of Meat.
    2. 2 Flours.
    3. 1 Salt.

    Can you adopt scraps Portia?

    Make Dog Food with the Blender, then return to the Collapsed Wasteland and interact with Scraps. Upon giving the Dog Food to Scraps. Woof!